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Software Spotlight: Piktochart

By now you probably know that I love to write about cool new plugins, apps, sites, and software that I find.

Well, guess what? That’s right! I found another one.

So at this point, I hope that you have at least heard about this cool marketing tool…

The Infographic.

I’m a big fan of Infographics and find them not only entertaining and informative but if done well, they can capture the interest of those who view them.

Does that sound like something you can use to generate interest in your Membership site?

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Want Members To Share? Then You Need To “AddThis”

During the last few months, I have received MANY inquiries through our ticket system about adding social networks to membership sites.

Let’s face it, social “adds” are an extremely effective way to go about gaining that exposure we all need for both our membership sites.

Social media will only become more and more prevalent in the days ahead so how can you score more of those valuable “adds”?

This tool should help…

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You’re Creating Too Much Content

David Risley is a well known blogger but also someone who runs a variety of different membership sites using WishList Member.

In this interview you’ll hear why David thinks you might be creating “too much” content for your membership, and how that could be leading to cancellations.

Plus, during this interview you’ll learn…

  • How to get beyond the “traditional” membership site setup
  • 3 reasons every business should utilize a membership site
  • Tools used to create the perfect membership business
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when creating a NEW membership site
  • How to balance “FREE” vs. “PAID” content on your blog
  • Effective membership site marketing strategies
  • and much more!

You can download the interview below or listen to by pressing the “play” button below:

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Software: Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

In a previous article, I suggested voice recognition software as a time saver and a way to give your body a break.

Voice recognition software (as the name suggests) is a computer program that recognizes your spoken words and types them out for you while also performing specific commands. This can save you two very valuable resources; time and energy.

Find out if you’d be better off dictating your articles as opposed to typing them out. You might be surprised.

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10 Favorite Firefox Extensions to Ignite Your Productivity

Firefox is the second most popular free web browser.

Besides surfing the web, Firefox offers numerous add-ons/extensions that allow you to block ads, play music, get weather updates, and nearly anything else you can reasonably imagine.

While it’s not the most popular browser, I use it myself for two main reasons;

1. Its popularity is rising while Internet Explorer’s is decreasing.

2. There is a longer and more extensive history of add-on support with Firefox.

This is very important if you want a better chance to find additional tools to help your business. In no particular order, here are some useful Firefox extensions and add-ons for your business.

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I never really paid much attention to online dictionaries and thesauruses before.

At least not until my computer crashed and I lost my MS Word software with my beloved spell checker! 

Generally, I am a very good speller, but having some sort of spell or grammar checker is a must for all content creators. Even the best editors can sometimes overlook a misspelled or misplaced word.

I came across ages ago, but never looked into all it offered until just recently.

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Review of Showit – The “Free To Be Me” Application

 I was actually working on a different article when I came across the Showit application.

It showcased one of my friend’s son’s senior pictures. I thought to myself, “If this app can do this with someone’s family photos, just imagine what it could do for a service or product.”

If nothing else, you are going to have a blast not only trying this app, but also watching your creation unfold before your eyes. It is truly remarkable.

I suppose the best way to describe Showit is to say that it allows you to create a visually appealing and active presentation for your website.

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How To Conduct An Effective Webinar

Webinars are an economical and effective alternative to “brick and mortar” physical address meetings. 

They allow companies to expand their reach, target more people more often, and offer a completely captivating brand experience.

Webinars can be successfully used to generate and qualify sales opportunities and market for the brand of seed, rich messaging content, training of employees, partners and customers, collaboration and productivity within the organization.

Check out the tips and methods I have discovered to help conduct an effective webinar.

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Membership Calculator

As a membership site owner, chances are, you’ve done “the calculation”.

“If I get this number of members paying me this price each month, I’ll make…”

Are you nodding?  It’s ok, we’ve all done it 🙂

We joke about doing “the calculation” but it can be a good thing, especially if you’re planning and setting goals.

However, it’s VERY important to include variables like the “growth rate” and “retention rate” in your calculation (which most people don’t do and these will dramatically effect your overall profitability).

To make things easy, we’ve put together a very handy spreadsheet that does all the work for you…

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