PlugIn Spotlight: Random Posts Widget

Do you ever look at the sidebar of your WishList Member site and think to yourself “Wow, I have not updated my Posts in a looong time and the ‘Recent Posts’ are far from recent…” 

Or maybe you belong in the other end of the spectrum and say; “I add a new Post every day so how will my members notice articles I wrote months ago…”

If you find yourself having trouble keeping up with regularly scheduled Posts (as I do myself sometimes…), then the Random Posts Widget can assist you.

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PlugIn Spotlight: Comment Length Limiter

Comments on Posts are a good thing, we all know this.  When building a community around your WishList Member site, you want to encourage as many members to leave as many comments as possible so that interactivity will increase and continue. 

It can be very beneficial when members engage in conversations with each other (as you all know) and the Comment Length Limiter PlugIn can help with this in a way you may have never thought of.

As they say, there can be “too much of a good thing”.  This can apply to comments as well.  I’m not referring to the actual number of individual comments, but more the LENGTH of particular comments.

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PlugIn Spotlight: WP Wall

As we have stated many times before; encouraging interaction amongst the members on your WishList Member site is an essential block needed when building a community of enthusiastic members.

This type of construction can begin right away with the addition of a “Shout Box” for your site by installing the WP-Wall PlugIn.

Please continue reading to find out more regarding this PlugIn that can actually be seen on the right side on WishList Insider.

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PlugIn Spotlight: WP User Manager

With the help of this WordPress PlugIn, your members will have the option of adding extra info through additional fields to their own Profile.

As an Admin, you can create any field you like to gather information from your ever growing list of members.

Also, optional fields are already included and can be edited by the user like AIM, Yahoo IM and Google Talk.

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PlugIn Spotlight: Flexi Pages Widget

Boy, do I ever wish the page navigation on my WishList Member site was more FLEXIBLE… That’s what I USED to think until I was introduced to the Flexi Page Widget which then flexed its muscles and in turn strengthened my membership site.

Long gone are the days of other sites figuratively kicking sand in my face due to my inability to display my pages strongly. But with the help of Flexi Page, my pages now have the strength needed to give my members exactly what they need; perfect content just for them.

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PlugIn Spotlight: My Page Order

As many WordPress users know, the act of ordering pages that appear in your navigation is a tricky issue due to the difficult numerical method currently in use. WordPress itself has admitted that this method or Page ordering is a “little janky” and plan to improve this in a future release.

Well, you don’t need to wait for that future release or build a time machine if you’re the impatient type… You can solve this issue today by using the My Page Order PlugIn.

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