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Insider Bonus: How to Protect File Downloads In Bulk

Are you offering file downloads to your members? With WishList Member’s Folder Protection feature you can PROTECT those file downloads in bulk so you can don’t have to set protection settings on an individual basis for a large number of files… saving you time and “management headaches”. It’s all laid out in this month’s Insider Bonus below:

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Insider Bonus: How To Create An Author-Based Membership Site

In this month’s Insider Bonus, you’re going to learn how to create an author-based membership site.

Whether you want to create an entire site for authors only or you want to add a authors only level to your existing membership, this workshop will show you how to do it.

And, the WishList Member feature that makes it a snap to do.

You can access the bonus at the link below.

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Insider Bonus: Lessons Learned From Top Membership Sites

We can learn a lot from existing examples.

That way of thinking can be applied to the creation of a membership site.

This includes lessons about what may have worked and what may not have gone exactly as planned along the way. Others have gone through similar ups and downs as they built their own online communities.

Why not learn from those experiences?

Find out more in the latest Insider Bonus.

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