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Join Us in Austin, TX

May 10th marks the date that Wray Cullimore and I (Stu McLaren) will be traveling to Austin, TX for the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course.

It’s going to be a fantastic event showcasing the best companies practicing the art of WOW’ing customers.

Personally, I’m VERY interested in hearing the person from Threadless talk about how they have cultivated a thriving community around t-shirts (and you know we love Threadless t-shirts!).

Anyway,  we’d love to have you join us and we sweet talked them into providing all of you a 33% off coupon!

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Plugins That Rock

Join us for a insider look at all the best WordPress plugins for creating membership sites.

During this webinar you’ll discover the best plugins for creating an interactive forum, calendar, sidebar navigation, content management, member engagement and much more!

This will be an action packed webinar and one you’ll definitely want to attend.

Here are all the details…
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