What Do You Know About SEO? – Part 1

Building a membership site is an effective way to create a recurring income.

Each new member who joins helps to build a stronger community while also increasing the overall earnings of the site.

But how can you attract those members?

A membership site does not help those individuals who cannot find it. So how can you increase the awareness of your membership site and attract potential members?

This is where Search Engine Optimization can help. Keep reading to learn more about how SEO can help you and your site.

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Dealing With Abusive Members – Part 2

It is said that members join a membership for the content, but stay for the community.

Your membership site likely has members who may no longer be experiencing the same issues that caused them to initially seek out solutions. Their original problems be solved (thanks to your membership site) but they remain a part of the active community because they enjoy and see the value in interacting with the other members.

A strong community is a powerful incentive for new members to join and is an effective tool to maintain a high retention rate.

But what can you do if some members are causing trouble and stress for the community?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 237

December has arrived which means the holiday season is nearly upon us.

This also means that it is time for Inside The Insider host Wray to take part in Decembeard!

Check out his beard growing progress in this latest episode of iTi as he deliver all the Insider News.

Topics Discussed During This Episode:

  • December 2014 Insider Bonus Available Now!
  • Can One Really Spoil The Whole Bunch?
  • Domain Or Sub-Domain?
  • Decembeard Has Arrived!

Click through for all the details.

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Planning And Scheduling Your Membership Content – Mini Workshop

Is your membership site content planned out in advance?

A clear schedule will help you produce higher quality content and reduce stress.

We all have different deadlines and tasks that require our time so why not get ahead of the game when it comes to planning membership content?

We want to show you how to prepare a little now so that you can relax more later.

Please continue reading in order to gain access to the Planning And Scheduling Your Membership Content Mini Workshop.

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Dealing With Abusive Members – Part 1

It is a phrase (or variation of a phrase) that you will often hear from the WishList Products team.

“Members come for the content, but they stay for the community.”

If you want a steady flow of recurring payments and a growing number of happy members then a positive minded community is what you need to build and nurture.

But what happens if some individuals are ruining it for everyone else?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 236

Happy Thanksgiving to the American Insider and Happy Friday to everyone!

December is right around the corner (it arrives next week) which means it is almost Insider Bonus time.

We share some details on this upcoming bonus along with all the news of the week in this latest edition of Insider The Insider.

Topics Discussed During This Episode:

  • Do You Need To Hire Help?
  • New Mini Workshop Coming Soon
  • Add Vs. Move

Click through for all the details.

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December 2014 Insider Bonus: New Mini Workshop Coming Soon!

The next WishList Insider Bonus is just around the corner!

The December 2014 Insider Bonus is a new Mini Workshop that we will be delivering next week.

The presentation of this Mini Workshop will be done in a way that allows Insiders to view the video at their own pace.

We look forward to offering this new bonus and believe it will be a useful resource.

Keep reading for more details including the Mini Workshop name and when it will be available.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 217

We tend to end up leaving with more knowledge than we went in with.

That seems to be the case each time we venture into the Insider Forums.

It is pretty easy to pick up a few tips or tricks as you read over the questions and answers posted within the various threads.

Here is a sample of a few conversations from the Insider Forum:

  • Time Based Member Gifts
  • Where Is Your PDT Token?
  • Members Only Podcasts

Get all the details here…

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3 Steps Towards Creating An Automated Email Series

The majority of successful email marketing campaigns are almost fully automated.

This is something that many experienced marketers will agree with.

Automating an email series allows you to create an effective email message and then basically press the “start” button and let it do its job.

If you do not have a lot of experience setting up automated emails, you may face some challenges along the way.

We invite you to continue reading as we provide some tips to help overcome any potential issues you may run into as quickly and easily as possible.

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