Inside The Insider – Episode 251

The theme of this episode of Inside The Insider is… Questions!

This week saw a lot of questions within the site. We asked Insiders questions. Insiders asked us questions. We asked questions about Insiders.

The best part is there were answers to go along with all the questions.

Topics Discussed During This Episode:

  • An Insider Survey
  • An Insider Action Plan
  • A Look Into Category Protection

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Quick Survey: How Can We Help You?

We want to hear from you.

Creating content that helps the Insider community is something we are always striving towards. So we figured that we would go straight to the source.

We ask that you take part in this very short survey (only 3 questions) as it will help us determine the types of content we create.

Please use the button below to take part in the survey.


Insider Action Plan – What Members Want

What do you members really want? How can you really help them?

Why do they want it so bad and how can you motivate them to take the necessary actions to get what they’re after?

In this lesson, we’ll dive inside the minds of your members, show you the questions you should be asking to really understand your members at their core, and help you develop a process for getting those answers.

You can create content and develop marketing that speaks to the heart of your individual members and helps them finally achieve their desired results.

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Insider Bonus: Membership Funnel Blueprint

Blueprints are extremely useful as they assist in laying out a clear plan that can be followed to achieve a goal.

We have created a special Membership Funnel Blueprint to help Insiders.

The Membership Funnel Blueprint is a document that includes instructions and screenshots to help you understand the membership funnel process.

We have also included a training video that will help to guide you through the blueprint.

Please continue reading in order to gain access to the Membership Funnel Blueprint and Training Video.

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Core Training: How To Attract A Constant Stream Of New Members

What does it take to generate a steady flow of new members to your membership site?

That is to say, how can you entice new members to join your community each and every month without a huge time investment on your part to get them in the door?

David Ogilvy, considered by many to be the father of modern advertising, has some sage advice on how to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

In this video we’ll dig into that advice and how to implement it in your marketing so you can create an “attention magnet” that brings in new members month after month.

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