WishList Insider – Forum Focus 267

You can almost hear it…

The sound of multiple conversations happening within the Insider Forum. There is plenty of information being shared and questions being answered at any given moment.

Here is a quick sample of some topics of conversation:

  • Members Staying On The Same Page After Login
  • Short Codes Appearing In Code Form On Live Site
  • Choosing A Payment Processor

Click through for all the details.

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Insider Action Plan: The Convenience Factor

Members come for the content and stay for the community. But, they will LOVE your membership site based on how convenient it is to use.

Your content and community can be great, but if they have to crawl over hot coals to get it… they won’t be happy.

In this Insider Action Plan, we identify 15 different “Convenience Checks” you can make to help ensure your members will love your membership site (and stay members month after month).

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 266

When was the last time you checked out the Insider Forum?

There is always plenty of activity within the forum and lots to talk about with Insiders and the WishList Team.

Here is a quick sample of some questions being addressed:

  • What If Your Refund Policy?
  • Do You Use A Security Plugin?
  • Where Is Your License Activated?

We invite you to click through to join the conversations.

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Insider Bonus: The Membership Communication Blueprint

Communication is key.

You have probably heard that before, but it is true. Better communication can resolve issues as they happen and prevent others before they even occur.

Effective communication helps to teach better lessons and build better relationships.

How are you communicating with your members?

The latest Insider Bonus provides some solid tips and recommendations and we invite you to check it out.

Keep reading for all the details including access to the Blueprint, video lesson and more!

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Inside The Insider – Episode 284

You know how we often say we have a “jam packed” episode of Inside The Insider?

Well, that definitely applies in this case.

There is plenty of news to get to so we are going to jump right in!

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • All Access Call Replay Available Now
  • An Insider Wants Your Opinion
  • The NEW Inside Bonus Is Almost Here
  • A Message From Wray And Tracy About A Live Event

Click through for all the details…

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Coming Soon: Insider Bonus – The Membership Communication Blueprint

Communication is key.

It is important to stay in contact with your community in order to build bonds and nurture relationships.

But is there such a thing as too much communication?  What about not enough communication?

We thought about these questions as we developed the upcoming Insider Bonus.

This is why we have created The Membership Communication Blueprint.

This Blueprint will help guide you down the path of effective member communication.

Keep reading for more details.

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WishList Insider All Access Call Session 44 Webinar Replay

Did you miss it?

We held a live webinar yesterday where we answered YOUR questions!

This session includes awesome questions from various Insiders on multiple subjects related to creating and maintaining a successful Membership Site.

We have now posted the replay of this webinar so that anyone who missed it can get in on the action (and anyone who wants to check it out again can do so).

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