WishList Insider – Forum Focus 310

This “Quick Hit” forum thread digs into a topic that commonly arises when looking into Auto-Responder options.

It is a topic that focuses on the need (or the desired lack of need) for registering members to opt-in to a list.

You want to avoid as many speed bumps or road blocks as possible when someone decides they want to join your community and list. Single or double opt-in requirements can sometimes slow down that sign up process.

So, is there a way to eliminate the opt-in portion for the list?

Please keep reading for more details…

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Insider Bonus – The “By The Way” Offer Workshop

The way an offer is presented can be just as important as the offer itself.

You may be providing the best product or service available but your conversion numbers may be under-performing if potential customers and members are hesitant to take you up on the offer.

The “By The Way” Offer Workshop takes a close look at a very specific type of offer process.

This bonus workshop is waiting for you now.

Please keep reading for all the details.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 328

What did we find along the way?

That is a common question we ask ourselves as we look back at the past week.  In this case, we had the opportunity to tour a membership site and provide you with our thoughts and suggestions.

We also took a peek within the Insider Forum and continued preparing for the upcoming Insider Bonus.

Of course, you can get all the details in this new edition of iTi.

We invite you to check it out right here…

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Coming Soon: Insider Bonus – The “By The Way” Offer Workshop

An offer can be presented in many different ways.

A direct approach is quite common and is very specific in how it lays out the details of what is being offered. It usually includes a list of included features or services and a time line.

But what is a “By The Way” offer?

The details will be revealed next week when we released the latest Insider Bonus.

This workshop will focus on this technique and how it can be used for your membership site.

Please keep reading for more information.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 309

The WishList Team engaged in a conversation during a live webinar that got us thinking about social media and how it can be applied to membership sites.

Outlets like Twitter and Facebook provide the ability to reach potential members on a large scale. You can focus in on a very specific niche or address a broader audience.

The choice is up to you and there are a number of ways to go about it.

So what can you do?

Find out more in this new edition of Forum Focus.


How Are You Using Social Media? (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

We invite you to visit this thread in the Insider Forum and tell us how you use the various social media options.

There are passive ways to use Twitter and Facebook that can seem like a subtle invitation to those who follow you. A casual mention about where they can “find out more” can be inserted into a tweet or a Facebook status update. But there are also much more obvious ways to present your message. An intentional sales pitch with a limited time offer can be posted on multiple occasions over the course of a short period of time.

Which approach works for you?

Or, maybe the more applicable question is which approach do you think would work better?

Perhaps you are unsure of where to get started with social media and this has resulted in no steps being taken towards a social media presence for you or your membership site.

This forum thread includes more information and includes a link to the discussion from the recorded webinar.

Check it out and post your thoughts or questions.

Insider Evaluation: LearnOilPaintingWithDannyHahlbohm.com

What goes into a great membership site?

This can sometimes be difficult to determine. A fresh set of eyes or a new perspective can help.

The site may just need some small tweaks. These types of adjustments can lead to a better user experience and a more engaged community.

That is our approach when it comes to a WishList Insider Evaluation. We take a tour of an Insider’s site and offer up some suggestions and recommendations.

Please join us along the way.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 327

Lets take a few moments to catch up.

We conducted the latest All Access Call earlier in the week and the replay has now been posted. Many membership topics were discussed during this session and we want to make sure you don’t miss it.

The Insider Forum also gets a visit in this episode and we take a look at what is “Coming Soon” for the Insiders.

Join us as we cover all the Insider News…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 308

Multiple systems performing multiple tasks can occasionally lead to conflicts.

One system may be trying to complete a task while another system is attempting to use some of the same resources at the same time. This is when expected functionality could potentially break and cause a number of different issues.

It then becomes a case of identifying the source of the problem and looking for a fix.

An Insider is searching for a solution in this featured forum thread.

Perhaps you have encountered a similar scenario or have some suggestions that may help.

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