Insider Bonus – If You Build It… They Will Contribute Workshop

The brand new Insider Bonus is now available.

Would you be interesting in your members contributing more to your community?

It takes time and energy to build and maintain a successful membership site and you may find that your members are eager to participate. So how can they get in on the action?

Find out more in this workshop.

This bonus has been developed for you and it can be accessed right here…

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Inside The Insider – Episode 345

There was plenty of action within the Insider this week and we are here to get you caught up on everything.

We took a membership site for a test drive and brought the Insiders along for the ride.

The Insider forum provided some insight while we also prepared for the upcoming Insider Bonus.

This edition of iTi is ready and waiting to deliver all the Insider News.

You can watch it right here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 326

Providing access to protected content is the primary intention of many membership sites.

A member joins a membership level and can access the content within that membership level once they login. A member dashboard is often created to provide easy access to common areas and popular content.

This is a pretty standard situation and can be set up relatively quickly in most cases.

But what about sites that have more than one membership level or course?

Will one dashboard fit the needs of a site with multiple membership levels?

This forum discussion addresses these questions and more. We invite you to join the conversation.

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Insider Evaluation:

What goes into a great membership site?

This can sometimes be difficult to determine. A fresh set of eyes or a new perspective can help.

The site may just need some small tweaks. These types of adjustments can lead to a better user experience and a more engaged community.

That is our approach when it comes to a WishList Insider Evaluation. We take a tour of an Insider’s site and offer up some suggestions and recommendations.

Please join us along the way.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 344

The end of the year is fast approaching but we still have some great Insider exclusives to share with you before the calendar flips over to 2017.

The last Insider Action Plan of 2016 was published earlier in the week and it focuses on reaching out and connecting with your members.

We also looked at a forum thread bringing up an interesting topic that made us think a bit.

Catch up on all the News right here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 325

A very common method for accepting payments online is through a credit card.

This is especially true when it comes to recurring payments.

Naturally, this makes online payment through credit cards a good fit for a membership site.

But what if someone wants to accept payment in a different manner? Perhaps through a wire transfer?

Is this possible?

Find out more in this latest Forum Focus.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 324

This discussion starts things off by asking a question.

Some details were shared and a desired goal is described.

A partial answer was then posted that kept the ball rolling towards a possible solution. Of course, additional suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged.

The Insider Forum is a useful tool for expanding upon ideas. A question gets answered and provides direction that can then be used to explore ever more.

In this case, a specific forum integration is being investigated.

Can it handle the job?

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