WishList Insider – Forum Focus 375

Communities usually like to interact.

This is typical behavior when a number of individuals with similar interests and ideas gather together.

Discussions are struck up and bigger ideas are explored. Alternative perspectives and thought processes are applied to existing questions in a new way. Relationships often stem from these interactions as well.

How are you allowing your members to interact?

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Insider Bonus: How To Increase Retention Rates With Monthly Bonuses

Attracting new members is always a good idea.

But keeping those members is just as important.

How is your retention rate at the moment? What steps are you taking to sustain or improve your current retention rate?

Could you be doing more?

This Insider Bonus looks into improving retention rates with the use of specific bonuses.

Get all the details here…

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Coming Soon: Insider Bonus: How To Increase Retention Rates With Monthly Bonuses

It’s always nice to get a little extra.

That is where a special bonus comes in. A little something that just makes the experience that much better.

This could be a free car wash when you fill up your tank with gas.  Or maybe a salad gets added to your order when you buy a pizza.

The point is, bonuses are appealing.

But how can they help with retention rates?

Please keep reading for more details.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 374

Time to get moving.

Everything gets collected up and accounted for and the moving process inches forward.

But you want to make sure nothing gets left behind. Especially anything important.

This is true when moving to a new home and it’s also true when moving members from one site to another.

What exactly can be “brought along” to the new site?

How can it all be transferred over?

These are good questions to consider.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 373

Everyone seems to always be “on the go”.

We live in a mobile world where nearly everything is at our finger tips thanks to the prevalence of smart phones.

Forgot to write down that important address? Just Google it.

Got lost on the way to a new restaurant? The GPS in the palm of your hand comes to the rescue.

We can even work directly from our phones in some cases.

So how does this apply to a membership site?

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