WishList Insider – Forum Focus 405

An extra set of hands can be very helpful.

This is something many membership site owners realize after working on their site for a while. There rarely seems to be enough hours in the day and they have to decide which tasks and projects receive their attention and which ones need to wait.

Some tasks may get consistently neglected as time keeps rolling along and that “To Do” list doesn’t get any shorter. In fact, the opposite seems to happen on a regular basis.

So how can you check more things off that list and accomplish more?

An Insider is looking for suggestions.

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Insider Bonus: How To Create An Author-Based Membership Site

In this month’s Insider Bonus, you’re going to learn how to create an author-based membership site.

Whether you want to create an entire site for authors only or you want to add a authors only level to your existing membership, this workshop will show you how to do it.

And, the WishList Member feature that makes it a snap to do.

You can access the bonus at the link below.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 404

This older forum thread shifted gears a bit based on a recent update posted by an Insider.

The original discussion talked about email broadcasts and included some interesting bits regarding active and inactive members. It’s worth a look if you haven’t read it yet.

But we are more focused on the topic of searching and exporting a list of cancelled members.

Is there a way to search for a very specific group of members?

If so, can you export that list?

You have likely guessed this it at least partially possible.

Let’s get into it a bit more.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 403

Do you ever want to delay when a selection of your members can access some of your new content?

You may want to deliver a portion of your course that only applies to existing members. That content will be valuable to the established members but that same content may be confusing to new members who haven’t run through the previous materials.

This forum thread touches on a method that could help in a similar scenario as described above.

Lets find out more.

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