Video Tutorial: How to Integrate an Affiliate Program with WishList Member

In this video, you’ll learn how to integrate almost any affiliate program with WishList Member.

Plus, you’ll learn the kinds of affiliate programs that work best with WishList Member.

If you’ve been looking for a way to use your favorite affiliate program with WishList Member, be sure to watch this video.
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Video Tutorial: How To Allow for Multiple Membership Level Registrations at Once

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to new members to register for multiple membership levels at once.

This technique can come in handy when running promotions or when creating a modular course membership model.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to add new members to more than one level at a time when they register, be sure to check out the video below!

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How Compatible is the WishList PlugIn with WordPress Themes?

The WishList Member PlugIn has been developed to be very compatible with most themes. We rarely hear of any issues with the theme a customer is using.

One type of theme we do know of that can potentially cause issues are any that allow for pages to be set as visible or not visible in the navigation.  These theme settings can overwrite the WishList Member protection settings.

Basically, if a User were to select the pages that appear in the site navigation using the Theme settings, this can overwrite the WishList Member page protection settings. This could display a protected page (or pages) on the site navigation for everyone to access.

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Twitter? But, I Don’t Have Anything to Tweet… Do I?

As everyone is certainly well aware, social media is not a passing craze and is most definitely here to stay.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are all powerful tools that can be used to spread the word regarding yourself or your new product (often times the same thing) or to greatly expand on an already identifiable entity.

BUT, what if you feel you simply don’t have anything to say?  “Who wants to hear what I had for breakfast this morning?  Even I don’t care that I had Cheerios…”

Well, that is a valid concern to have.  BUT, it’s important to also know that it isn’t necessarily true for the most part.  Everyone has a voice with a story to tell and it’s just a matter of figuring out how to let that voice be heard.

Enter: Twitter.

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PlugIn Spotlight: Flexi Pages Widget

Boy, do I ever wish the page navigation on my WishList Member site was more FLEXIBLE… That’s what I USED to think until I was introduced to the Flexi Page Widget which then flexed its muscles and in turn strengthened my membership site.

Long gone are the days of other sites figuratively kicking sand in my face due to my inability to display my pages strongly. But with the help of Flexi Page, my pages now have the strength needed to give my members exactly what they need; perfect content just for them.

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