Marketing Your Membership Site

Need more traffic, better conversions or member retention?.  Once a member of WishList Insider you’ll discover the latest cutting edge strategies for continuously growing your online community and membership site. You’ll have the cutting-edge tools and training you need to build a truly profitable membership site.

Other Members Share Top Tips

By joining WishList Insider you’ll immediately have access to our growing community of membership site owners who regularly share their best tips for building a successful online community.  All this can be accessed through the member forum, showcase, or spotlight interviews.

Plugins That Rock

Join us for a insider look at all the best WordPress plugins for creating membership sites.

During this webinar you’ll discover the best plugins for creating an interactive forum, calendar, sidebar navigation, content management, member engagement and much more!

This will be an action packed webinar and one you’ll definitely want to attend.

Here are all the details…
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Access To Many “How To” Videos

Inside WishList Insider you’ll be able to access brand new “how to” videos showing you the step-by-step process for building your own successful membership site. You’ll learn advanced tweaks and “hacks” for WordPress and discover profitable insights that’ll help you turn your membership site into a thriving community.

PlugIn Spotlight: WP User Manager

With the help of this WordPress PlugIn, your members will have the option of adding extra info through additional fields to their own Profile.

As an Admin, you can create any field you like to gather information from your ever growing list of members.

Also, optional fields are already included and can be edited by the user like AIM, Yahoo IM and Google Talk.

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How To: Creating a “Fan” page on Facebook

Yes, anyone can have a Facebook “Fan” page! Moreover, the creation of one of these pages is a quick and painless process.  So, what’s preventing you from creating another online social media presence to help promote yourself and/or your business?  Well, perhaps you don’t know how (a valid reason). 

BUT, we are going to help with that by explaining exactly how to set up a Facebook Fan page of your own in the following post, so keep reading 🙂

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