PlugIn Spotlight: Flexi Pages Widget

Boy, do I ever wish the page navigation on my WishList Member site was more FLEXIBLE… That’s what I USED to think until I was introduced to the Flexi Page Widget which then flexed its muscles and in turn strengthened my membership site.

Long gone are the days of other sites figuratively kicking sand in my face due to my inability to display my pages strongly. But with the help of Flexi Page, my pages now have the strength needed to give my members exactly what they need; perfect content just for them.

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Create A Bond With Shared Experiences

Think back to your most recent vacation.

Was there something about that trip that you’ve shared with others over and over again?

Did this “something” involve someone else?

If it did, it’s likely turned into a lasting memory and chances are, your relationship with that other person is more rich because of it.

This is the power of a “shared experience” and it’s one of the most effective ways to increase your retention.

Here’s what I mean…

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How To: Making Merge Codes Work For You

A major key to any WishList Member site is the displaying of protected information to your Members upon their login.  You want the information that your Members spent their hard earned dollars on to be easily accessible to them right away.

With the help of the WishList Member Merge Codes, you can display personalized information to specific Members like their Name, Email Address and Membership Level(s) as well as Login and Registration Forms.

All this can be done by simply adding a short code to the content of a Page or Post. Read on to find out exactly how…

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The “More Tag” – Helping to Upgrade Your Members One Click at a Time!

I am a BIG fan of the WordPress More Tag when it’s used with WishList Member.

The insertion of this little tag instantly protects anything that appears below it in a Blog Post (if the function has been turned on it the WishList Settings section).

Once the More Tag has been used; ONLY Members are able to access the intriguing content hidden from view.

Just like the More Tag I am inserting HERE…

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PlugIn Spotlight: My Page Order

As many WordPress users know, the act of ordering pages that appear in your navigation is a tricky issue due to the difficult numerical method currently in use. WordPress itself has admitted that this method or Page ordering is a “little janky” and plan to improve this in a future release.

Well, you don’t need to wait for that future release or build a time machine if you’re the impatient type… You can solve this issue today by using the My Page Order PlugIn.

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