Member Showcase: Charl Coetzee & Antonio Orrico

WishList Member is used by a wide variety of our members and for a vast array of different Membership Sites.

We have decided to spotlight a number of these members and their sites here in the Member Showcase section.  It is encouraged that you visit the sites we focus on for inspiration towards ideas you can apply to your own site.

There are likely many individuals out there using WishList Member in ways you have never imagined.

This instalment features Charl Coetzee & Antoni Orrico and their site

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Inside The Insider – Episode 05

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

The answer this week is a LOT!

Come along with our co-hosts Faye and… MC Jayzer???  Wait.  Where did Wray go?  Has WishList Insider finally wised up and realized that some team members can’t get by on the length of their beard alone?

How will Faye handle the absence of Wray coupled with the addition of an untrained and ill-prepared member to the Inside the Insider family?

Translation: No need for alarm.  Faye does just fine and carries the majority of this week’s episode.

They discuss…

  • Episode 5 (AKA Episode 5 – “High-5 Day”)
  • The Coolest Couple & Jimmy Kimmel in the “Twitter War”
  • A Post in the Forum that Explains Keywords in a Domain
  • The Scavenger Hunt Results
  • How You Can Use Your Points
  • Points Leader Board Theme Song!!!

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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Using Scarcity to HELP people take Action – Part 1

Not long ago there was a thread in the forum that was directed to me and Stu in the form of a question. It was titled, “Stu and Tracy, What happened??”

The question was in relation to the number of signups we had for WishList Insider. When people were looking at the forum, they could see how many members there were. We started with a boost right after we did the webinar that announced that we were opening WishList Insider and then we started adding new members at a fairly steady pace for the next few days. Then suddenly we added a whack of new people in the course of two days.

This leads us to the purpose of the post and the question, “Stu and Tracy, What happened?”

How To: Protect Yourself from Unwanted Members – Blacklist Feature

I can already guess what you are thinking; there is no such thing as an “unwanted member”. 

Most of the time, that is 100% correct as the argument can be made that all members are valuable.  This is because you want to allow as many people interacting with each other on your site as possible. 

BUT, there is something to be said for that old saying; “One bad member can spoil the bunch”.  I think it goes something like that…  Wait, there is something about apples I am forgetting…  But grapes come in “bunches”, apples don’t…  Now I’m confused.

I promise it will make more sense if you keep reading 🙂

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Two Very Different Buying Experiences

In one situation I had every intention of buying a product.

I went to the site, clicked the “Add To Cart” button and proceeded to the checkout.

However, I got so frustrated with the sales process that I ended up leaving and I didn’t buy anything.

In the other situation I DID NOT intend to buy anything but I ended up spending over 10X the price of the original product I was just “looking” at.

What was the difference?

That’s what we’ll explore in this training…

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Member Survey

We value your input and as we prepare the site for upcoming months, we’d like to know what you think.

So we’ve prepared a super quick (2 minute max) survey to get a better idea on how we can best serve you.

Can you do us a quick favor and respond to the following questions?

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Twitter Your Way to a Growing Community Part 2: Content

This is the second article in a series on Twitter and we will be focusing on actual content this time around.  Click Here to check out the 1st article from this series and then come back to find out more about effective content you can post to Twitter.

The actual content you post is very important as is the rate at which you choose to share it.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 04

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Another week has come and gone which means there has been more great content and conversations throughout WishList Insider.

Come along with our co-hosts Faye and Wray as they shine the spotlight on what you may have missed AND deliver an exciting announcement regarding a contest that is starting SOON!  Watch the video for all the details!

Oh, and they take another crack at a theme song…

Translation: You will learn something even if you have to suffer through another one of Wray’s songs (Faye does).

They discuss…

  • A FUN contest that everyone can participate in.
  • Even more 1,000 Point Club Members.
  • “Swipe Files” – what they are and how you can send us yours.
  • A challenge to all those “Lurkers” out there 😉

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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