Are You Offending Your Customers?

It’s finally done. You got your business started, your website is up, advertising dollars are in place, and nobody’s biting.

Why not?

The content is good and the SEO is sound.  You have even posted an amusing cartoon about the recent immigration debate and a “good natured” joke about another country right next to your campaign buttons for your favorite politician.

Wait? Could that be it? Could your jokes and views be affecting your business? Possibly!

Even if it’s nothing as obvious as the examples above, you could be offending your customers and not even realize it. Here are some things to look for throughout your site to try and avoid this scenario.

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How to Create a Business Presence on Facebook

I love how versatile and user-friendly Facebook is.

You can of course have a standard personal profile, but you can also create a business presence as well.  Relationships can be formed and maintained easily using Facebook’s built in features.

All of those connections that are created online can benefit your business in many ways so please read on to find out how.

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Creative Pricing Strategies

The “standard” membership pricing plans equate to…

You pay a fee each month, and you get access to XYZ.

But a case can be made for adding a little creativity into the way you structure your prices.

Here is an in depth look at a “car rental” company that’s turned the industry standard on it’s head by creating a pricing strategy that naturally pulls people in and makes doing business with them “easy”.

Take a look…

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Offer Their LAST Week Free (Like First and Last Months Rent)

Everyone has heard of (and possibly tried) a FREE First Week Trial Offer. 

That no-cost taste has been designed and offered to entice us into purchasing full access to the buffet.  Then, it’s “all you can eat time”!

While this is a tried and tested method of selling a product, what about the potential other side of that coin?

Is there a benefit to offering a free week of access at the END of a membership?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 10

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades 😉 Well, one of the individuals in this week’s episode does…  LOTs of incredible events, trainings, contests and other upcoming surprises are discussed this week.  But wait, Wray is missing AGAIN?

Who fills his chair this week?

Join our co-hosts Faye and WT-1000 (human vs. machine?) as they toe the line on what can be discussed now and what must wait a little bit longer before it can be fully revealed.

Translation: Faye tries to spill the beans while attempting to avoid the repercussions of such an act.

They discuss…

  • An exciting and exclusive upcoming BONUS for all WishList Insider Members (“Woo”-Hoo)
  • Upcoming Retention Strategy Videos that everyone can use
  • A NEW Bonus PlugIn that is available now!
  • An event at the end of this year no one will want to miss
  • A Twitter contest that will result in someone winning a WishList Member T-shirt

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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Fantastico and Your WordPress WishList Member Site

Fantastico; an easy way to install WordPress, or a fantastic(o) way to invite hackers into your site?

The answer is: Both.

Fantastico is a front end script visually similar to most modern operating systems. Point and click on the appropriate icon, and you have a quick and easy WordPress installation.

Most web hosts offer this to make installation of WordPress (and other programs) easy.

Unfortunately for you (but not so for hackers wanting access), the easy to use Fantastico is incredibly unsecure.

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