Inside The Insider – Episode 12

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

As usual, a LOT!  A big announcement regarding the WishList Member event that is planned for this December in Las Vegas is discussed during this week’s episode of iTi.  Hint: A guest speaker is announced who is not a part of the WishList Member staff.

Speaking of guests, we invite yet another part-time host to the iTi environment as technical issues dictated  a need to re-shoot this week’s episode.  Join our co-hosts Wray and [insert THIS week’s guest co-host here] as they run down this week’s top stories.

Translation: Wray is left to his own devices and needs to find a replacement to assist with announcing the news QUICK!

They discuss…

  • WishList Team Members Bobbi and Jen
  • A currently running WLM promo that will result in a FREE book for all who participate
  • Who will be speaking at the WLM Las Vegas event?
  • Did someone say when tickets will be on sale for the Las Vegas event?

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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Even MORE Landing Page Tips for MORE Conversions

In a previous article we talked about some simple ways to improve your landing page conversions (a landing page is the page a visitor sees directly after clicking an advertisement or link in a received e-mail pointing them towards your WishList Member site).

Today, we’ll talk about even MORE ways to improve your results.  It’s recommend that the first article in this series be read before continuing on, but the following article can be read on it’s own as well.

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Internet Rage and How to Conquer It

We have all heard of “Road Rage” and the devastating affects it can have. It seems that the News reports constantly broadcast stories of how yet another person became so angry behind the wheel that they decided to take matters into their own hands.

The consequences of such actions usually ended in tragedy.  Thankfully, “Internet Rage” is not usually a life or death situation. That being said, have you heard of Cyberspace Bullying?

If you have then you have most likely also heard of individuals committing suicide over the constant negative emails and online remarks about them.

Now I understand this is pushing it to a degree that most adults would never even consider. Yet we can still have a huge affect on others, our business and our reputation when it comes to Internet Rage.

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Learning from Pixar – How Their Methods Can Help Your WishList Member Site

Get a group of people together and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with anything bad to say about Pixar.

Anything non-glowing is usually amended with “but their worst is better than most people’s best.”

They’re the movie studio that managed to create box office gold from movies about rats in the kitchen and garbage collecting.

So what’s the secret behind Pixar’s history of hit after hit? It’s their business culture and mindset. The following are examples of what makes Pixar’s the great company it is today.

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How to Write a “How-To” Article

Writing “How-To” articles is a brilliant way to keep the interest of your audience peeked! It is an effective method of sharing your very own unique “know-how” with others.

People always want to learn new ways of doing this or that because they constantly want to improve upon what they already know.  The more of this type of education you can provide, the more they will come back to learn.                                                                                                             

There isn’t a single effective method when it comes to writing a “How-To” article.

There are, however, some fundamentals that should be followed or the structure and “punch” may be lost.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 11

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

It was decided to take the show on the road and the weather in Southern Ontario helped dictate the location of this week’s episode. 

Join our co-hosts Faye and Wray as they multi-task in the great outdoors.

Translation: There’s LOTs to do at the beach.  Like tanning, swimming and filling our members in on all the latest WishList Member news!

They discuss…

  • The newest in a series of Retention Strategy Videos released by Stu
  • Some cool tools from two of our most prolific WishList Insider members
  • Our Twitter Contest Winner is announced
  • A Las Vegas Event Package

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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Are You Offending Your Customers?

It’s finally done. You got your business started, your website is up, advertising dollars are in place, and nobody’s biting.

Why not?

The content is good and the SEO is sound.  You have even posted an amusing cartoon about the recent immigration debate and a “good natured” joke about another country right next to your campaign buttons for your favorite politician.

Wait? Could that be it? Could your jokes and views be affecting your business? Possibly!

Even if it’s nothing as obvious as the examples above, you could be offending your customers and not even realize it. Here are some things to look for throughout your site to try and avoid this scenario.

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