SEO Tips To Improve Your Membership Site Part 1

If good content is the meat of a great membership site, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the scent that draws them in and whets their appetite.

While there are many available pay options to promote a website, any site will benefit from free organic high rankings on search engines.

Unfortunately, many people have no idea where to begin, or worse, use outdated “tips” that don’t work or get them banned from search engines.

Thanks to the valuable lessons I learned from Ben Cook, Kenny Hyder, & Chris Pearson, I can share how your Membership Site can achieve (and retain) better search engine results.

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“You Want To Interview ME?” – Methods on Securing Interviewees PART 2

Last time, we talked about how to request and secure an interview and I included a couple of ideas to encourage you to start conducting and then posting interviews on your own Membership site. 

As I was finishing up that article, a few more ideas came to me so I decided to write up a “part 2” that touched upon some no cost methods to score some valuable interviews.

Continue on to find out what you could be doing RIGHT NOW which would allow you to get interviews lined up within a day or so.

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Let’s Get Started on Your Membership Site – Growing Your Email List

I have been an entreprenette for many years, off and on, yet before joining the WishList Team I had no clue how to create a membership site the right way.

I am in fact amazed just how clueless I actually was : )

I THOUGHT I knew the order of which to take care of things, but I have since been “schooled”!

One thing to consider is how to grow your list of email addresses and how to use it to improve your membership site.

We’ll look at this powerful tool in Part 1 of this series.

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Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur?

It takes a special sort of person to become an entrepreneur.

Some people choose this for themselves while with others, it seems life makes that choice for them. For some, it’s the only job left where they can’t be fired!

No matter the choices that may have led you down this path, you’re here now with a membership site of your own.

Thanks to the valuable tips I learned at BlogWorld from Rob Barnett, Adam Corolla, Penn Jillette, Jeff Hayzlett, and Cali Lewis you’ll have a road map of sorts along with personal insights from successful entrepreneurs to improve and strengthen your own membership site.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 39

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Co-hosts Stu and Wray found themselves in different locations when it came time to shoot iTi this week so they got creative!  Illness has reared it’s ugly head in the WLP offices, but not even the “sniffles” can prevent Inside the Insider from being posted 😉

This week the pair discuss the latest version of WishList Member that was released as well as focus on some valuable content that was released this past week.

*cough cough*

They discuss…

  • WishList Member v2.50.832
  • Tracy is away… But WHERE is he?
  • An avalanche of New WishList Insiders! (sorry about those difficult to pronounce names 🙂 )

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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“Hey! Can We Talk?” – Interviews On Your Membership Site

A question regarding getting interviews came into the forum a while back which I replied to and then decided that it would be a good idea to write up a post based on that response.

I’ve heard the question posed before; “HOW do I set up an interview with an expert (or anyone) for my Membership site?”

What follows are some thoughts and suggestions to help answer that question which will enable you to score valuable interviews that can be posted on your site for your members to benefit from.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 18

We realize a lot can happen throughout the course of a week. Everyone can become busy with a little of “this” and a lot of “that” during their day to day lives so it’s not always easy to keep on top of all the useful and helpful posts within the Insider Forums.

For these reasons we have decided to apply some focus to a number of posts each week that we believe can benefit our Members.

Read on for summaries and links to this week’s “Forum Focus” Posts.

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Writing Style on the World Wide Web. Get Noticed!

Writing for the internet is similar to writing for print, but there are some differences that you can take advantage of.

A lot of fun differences!

One thing to remember is you need to keep it easy for a person to read while also making it valuable.  You have a set amount of time and space to get your message across.

Continue on to find out  more about time limits and other issues to avoid which will make your writing more “web friendly”.

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Another Recipe For an Irresistible Membership Sites

In a recent article I spoke about the recipe for creating an irresistible membership site thanks to information presented by Patrick O’Keefe, Chris Garrett, Lara Kulpa, and Jeremy Wright on a panel discussion at BlogWorld.

Keeping with my philosophy that a successful membership site is the result of many different ingredients versus just a single one, here’s the rest of the secrets I learned from the four experts listed above.

Let’s dig in!

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