You Shouldn’t Complain About This

Customers call. Customers email you directly. Customers send contact through your company email address.

Customers open support tickets requesting even more indepth help. They want their help quickly and proficiently (which is a very valid expectation).

It needs to be rememberd that having many customers is a GOOD thing, so now you just have to learn the best way to handle the volume of requests that accompany many members.

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Work AHEAD of Schedule to Benefit You and Your Members – Part 1

One of the great myths about becoming an entrepreneur is the notion that simply owning a business means you can hang the “Gone Fishin’” sign out whenever you please.

As anyone who owns a business knows, you’re arguably working more now than you did when you worked for someone else.

However, smart people eventually find a way to work ahead of schedule, so the “Gone Fishin’” sign isn’t an impossibility.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 62

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

A guest-host we haven’t seen since Inside The Insider – Episode 10 makes a return to help Faye deliver this week’s news.  From the future…?

Also, a new Scavenger Hunt with an awesome prize (Bonus PlugIns?) is announced!

They discuss…

  • How To Still Success With No Money and No Time
  • Free Services That Can Make Your Days Easier
  • What Is a Facebook “Like” Really Worth?
  • The Scavenger Hunt Has Begun!!!

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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The 2nd WishList Insider Scavenger Hunt!

*****NOTE: This Scavenger Hunt is now Closed. But we will have another one soon!*****

We have decided it’s time to run a new Scavenger Hunt here at WishList Insider!

We are also offering a BIG grand prize package for the winner. (Do you like Bonus Plugins?) 🙂

The Rules Are Simple:

  • Answer The 5 Questions Listed
  • Submit Your Answers To The Support Desk With Subject Line; “Scavenger Hunt Submission”
  • Have FUN!

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Want Some WordPress PlugIns To Energize Your Site? – Part 2

WordPress users are no strangers to customization.

It’s a great piece of software but eventually a need will arise that WordPress (and WishList Member) can’t fulfill on their own. You may want ways to increase your SEO, allow your members more interaction, track your users, protect your site from hackers, or something else that qualifies as “customization”.

For this, you need plugins.

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No Money? No Time? You Can Still Succeed!

“I want to start a membership site, but I am swamped and just don’t have the time!”

“I would love to start a membership site, but I don’t have funds to have it created for me. What can I do?”

Have you ever had similar thoughts? Are you experiencing these same frustrations?

These types of obstacles can make even the best of us sometimes stumble and lose our focus and confidence.

But there is an answer. You may not like it, but there IS an answer.

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2 Free Services You Should Be Using With Your Membership Site

Membership sites survive on content and new content depends on ideas.

But what happens if the content is suddenly gone? How can you get that information back?


Now besides keeping your information safe, how do you actually keep track of all your ideas?

Did you know there are two free services you can use right now to back up your information and to keep track of all your thoughts so you’ll lose neither your content nor ideas?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 61

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Faye and Wray both get very “animated” in this week’s episode.

Also, a little movie magic is attempted (and not really achieved) as a theme from last week’s show is tried again in a new location.

They discuss…

  • NEW Bonus PlugIn is Available NOW!
  • A Helpful WordPress Plugin
  • Is it Okay to Upgrade to WordPress 3.2?
  • Welcoming All The New Members!
  • Someone Getting Wet! 🙂

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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The 3 C’s of a Successful Membership Site

You’d think working for the membership site “wizards” Stu McLaren and Tracy Childers, that I’d have this membership site thing down pat. However, being a developer, I don’t always get to see the big-picture strategy.

So the recent launch of our WishList Member Training and Certification Program has personally taught me some good lessons about what it really takes to run a successful membership site.

In fact, the lessons have been so powerful that I’ve mentally codified them into what I’m now calling “The 3 C’s of a Successful Membership Site”.

In this article, I want to share the insights I’ve personally gained working hand-in-hand with the experts to build a membership site.

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