Webinars Your Members Will Want To Watch – Part 1

Webinars are an excellent way to add quality content to your membership site.

They allow you to re-package existing content (be it audio or written) and also to teach your members in a quick and easy fashion. Since many webinars allow audience participation, it enables you to deliver content in a totally different form.

Successful webinars can be achieved by focusing on 3 key factors.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 66

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Still only 1 co-host this week as Faye & Stu find themselves in Africa! So that must mean Wray is SUPER busy with no time to rest, right?

Well… 🙂

This episode includes…

  • What Exactly is “LVM” and How Does it Effect Your Bottom Line?
  • A Welcome to a LOT of New Members!
  • Are You Getting Lost In Your Own Forum?
  • Corporate Nap Time?

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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The Numbers Game – The Importance of Lifetime Value

We’ve all heard the concept of the Lifetime Value of a Member, (LVM) right?

It’s a simple concept where you take your monthly fee and multiply that by the average number of months somebody remains a member, and there you have it! You now know the expected revenue from each member.

The hard question is, do you actually use that info productively? This is an area where most membership site owners fall short.

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Help Me! I Can’t Keep Up With My Forum!

If you must have a problem – this is one problem you WANT!

Lots of activity on your Membership Site can result in a very busy forum, which of course, is good – good – good 🙂

It means that people are using the forum and interacting. More visits to your forum will mean more interaction from the guests and registered members which can result in more admin time needed to manage everything.

So how do you deal with this growing “problem”?

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How to Make People Hate You on Twitter – Part 3

Twitter is one of the top business tools (and social media options available) so why would any reasonable person try to annoy followers?

Most people don’t want o be annoying and certainly don’t want to be hated. Yet, like the rude dinner guest wiping their mouth with their sleeve and chatting with their mouth full, they simply don’t know any better.

Since people tend to notice the negative more, let’s finish our tutorial on what NOT to do so you won’t annoy and be hated on Twitter.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 65

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

It’s a week of one co-host (can there be only 1 co-host?) here on Inside the Insider.  Find out where everyone is and say “hello” to a new WishList Insider Contributor!

Oh, and it’s NEW Bonus PlugIn time again 🙂

This episode includes…

  • WL Content Manager is NOW available for Download to all current members
  • Would you offer a 110% Refund? Could be worth it.
  • Please Welcome Noah Fleming!
  • What should Wray do NEXT Week?

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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The First Engagement

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy once said that what happens after the sale is made is critically important to the lifetime value of that customer.

I’m going to take that a step further and say that when it comes to membership sites and continuity programs, I believe that what happens after the initial sale is the single most important element to the lifetime value and retention of your members.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 45

This week had some VERY useful threads being discussed through the various forum topics as Insiders continued to help each other with solid advice and suggestions to resolve issues.

Highlights include:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. Why Not Make it 110%?
  • A Method You Might Be Ignoring That Could Net You More Members
  • Need Help? You’ve Come To The Right Place

I actually consider one of the threads to be a “Must Read”.

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