Simple Math Leads To More Money – Part 1

While there are certainly other ways to make money online, Membership Sites have several inherent advantages that will allow you to go further than other options while still utilizing the same level of effort and talent.

So if you aren’t satisfied with the current amount of money you’re making and could use some tips to make your membership site even MORE profitable, read on.

It’s time for some “Membership Math”.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 72

Co-hosts Faye and Wray both experienced a case of the “giggles” (stay tuned for the bloopers after the episode to see for yourself) but they still managed to deliver all the exciting news from the past 7 days.

So what exactly was the exciting news?

This episode includes…

  • A New Video Tutorial Explaining How To Offer More Value To Your Members
  • How Can FREE Bring Members Back?
  • Are You Using The Correct Video Format?
  • Should You Be Self-Hosting?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 52

We’ve got another batch of fantastic threads going on inside the forums this week (as usual).

Some of the highlights include:

  • How many days are in a month? (The answer isn’t as clear as you may think)
  • Autoresponder Service vs. Self-Hosting (Which is really best?)
  • Where are you shooting your videos? (Where is your “studio”?)

Be sure to check these threads out and to add your voice to the conversations.

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How FREE Can Bring Them Back

As I mentioned in my last post on reactivation, I promised that we’d dig just a bit deeper into using free trials for reactivation.

It seems rather simple, but there are a few things I want you to keep in mind.

Using “free” to bring old members back can be extremely powerful if done the right way, but if done the wrong way, we can actually be sending the wrong message to our past members.

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Video Tutorial: Create a MEMBERS ONLY Help Desk (Zendesk)

Have you ever wanted to create an area for Support on your site that was for MEMBERS ONLY?

Most membership site owners have considered this at one time or another.  The reason being that this adds increased value to your site as dedicated support for your members is certainly something that appeals to potential clients.

So how can you set this up?

WishList Insider Contributor Neil Matthews walks you through the steps in the tutorial that follows.

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Which Video Format Is Ideal For Your Members – Part 2

Editing and posting videos online can be a time and labor intensive job.

For these reasons you want to be sure the video format you choose for your site has the widest appeal to your members so that your efforts have not been wasted.

In our last article we went over Flash video and YouTube’s advantages and disadvantages. Today will finish our list of common online video types so you can select the top one (or two) for your membership site.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 71

As usual, there is LOTs to talk about this week throughout the WishList offices.

Co-Hosts Stu and Wray (plus a very special guest) bring you the past week’s news in a quick and fun video.  They focus on items you may have missed or something that may warrant a second look.

This episode includes…

  • How Do You Handle Public Name Calling?
  • The 1st Rule of Fight Club
  • Landing Pages vs. Home Pages
  • A Visit From The Smallest WishList Insider 🙂

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The First Rule of Fight Club

Every day there’s another shuckster selling another magic bullet.

The promise of riches, fine cars, and houses on the beach is the lure and downfall of many good people. We’ve all heard a story of someone close to us that lost their shirt in a deal that was just too good to be true.

If that all sounds pretty doom & gloom, there is actually a lesson to be learned when it comes to our membership sites.

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