Who Should Accept My Money? – Part 1

Selecting a payment processor is arguably one of the most important choices when setting up or maintaining your membership site.

This decision determines what payments you can take, if you’ll need a separate auto responder, if you can (or cannot) do business in certain countries, and even if you can run a membership site at all!

Are you certain your current (or potential) payment processor will do everything you want (and NEED) it to? Let’s avoid guessing and find out for sure.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 76


Technical Difficulties caused us to switch up the filming of iTi at the last minute!

With all 3 co-hosts in different locations and technology not allowing us to “come together”, who ended up being the ONE host?

This episode includes…

  • Do You Know YOUR Target Audience?
  • “All Of The Above”
  • Get Ready For WishList Member’s 3rd Anniversary!
  • Ice Cream???

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 56

Who is your target audience?

Do you know if your members want a LIVE or REPLAY webinar?

Should you be offering a standard membership or a course? (or BOTH?)

If you are unsure how to reply to any of these questions (and even if you do have an answer) you’re going to want to see what’s come up during Insiders discussions of these subjects.

Few minutes in the forums could improve your site.

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All Of The Above

Recently a well known marketer asked for my advice regarding a membership site he was thinking of creating.

In his email he asked what I thought would be the best option/strategy in respect to how he used his content (which is really high quality).

He asked whether he should:

A)  Give it away in exchange for an optin
B)  Turn it into a publisher style membership site and sell the membership outright
C)  Turn it into a membership but only offer it as an upsell after people optin

I looked at each option and thought about how he was approaching this site (as an either/or situation).

So I picked up the phone and called him to explain why I thought he was making a mistake.

Here’s what I shared with him…

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Let Them Help You (with Interviews) – Part 2

Interviews are an effective way to inject variety into your membership site.

No matter how well informed you may be (perhaps you’re a recognized authority) there are others who can share interesting thoughts or unique experiences in a different voice.

A fresh take or new point of view will make your subject matter that much more exciting and desirable to your members.

But do you know how to best conduct an interview?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 55

The collection of Forum Threads is very “member” oriented this time around.

I know, that might not come as a shock since WishList Insider is a Membership Site… 🙂

But these highlighted threads really give some incredible advice on how to keep your members happy, how to encourage them to renew their memberships and also how to become solid affiliates.

Sounds pretty good, right?

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Your Employees Can Be Members

Usually when we think of membership sites, we think of online members outside of the workplace who are not within a brick and mortar building.

Well think again 🙂

Organization is key for successful businesses and keeping track of all those employees in a vital part of a thriving company.

A Membership site can be just the thing needed to keep your team running in tip-top shape.

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Video Lesson: Small Changes, Big Difference

Did you know that sometimes, the smallest change can mean the biggest difference?

Watching this video will show you how making subtle adjustments to the way you deal with member retention and attrition can have a larger effect on your bottom line.

There’s even a calculating tool we have included so that you can follow along and run your own scenarios.

You won’t want to miss out on this.

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