Inside The Insider – Episode 74

Lots to get to this week!

Wray and Faye talk about the ways you can use the new Bonus PlugIn – W L Remove Dates and… Pizza?

Trust us, it all makes sense 🙂

This episode includes…

  • WL Remove Dates is available for download now!
  • Something for Nothing?
  • Transitioning Members from Free to Paid
  • A “Cool Tool” is coming next week

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Wait… You CAN Get Something For Nothing

Do you offer a Free membership OR a Paid membership?

If you answered “paid”, then have you ever considered including a free membership on top of what you already have?

Many dismiss this thought immediately as they believe there is nothing to be gained from giving away “something for nothing”.

Not so fast… Free can definitely turn into Paid down the line.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 54

Have you visited the forums lately?

If you have, then you know the incredible advice and tips that are offered each day by Insiders and WishList Products team members.

If you have not been making it a point to check out the conversations within the forum, there’s no better time to start than now 🙂

Each days brings even more membership site advice and experiences so why not see what everyone has to say?

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WL Remove Dates Webinar Replay

We released the Bonus PlugIn for October yesterday and Insiders are really appreciating what it has to offer.

WL Remove Dates gives you the ability to keep your content fresh and exciting months and years after it’s been published.

As usual, we conducted a webinar to walk through all the cool features and answer any questions Insiders might have. We have now posted the replay of that live webinar so we encourage everyone to check it out!

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How To PULL Them In – Part 2

A landing pages that is inviting and effective is extremely essential as web surfers are an impatient and busy lot.

With so many sites promising solutions, who has the time needed to study each site in detail?

A quick look (and a scroll down the page if you’re very lucky) is all you get before they decide if you’re the membership site for them.

So what’s the best way to grab those short attention spans?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 73

Co-hosts Faye and Wray are back this week with another dose of Inside The Insider.

The energetic pair have lots to quickly get through this time around (Stu asked them to leave the office?) so there’s no time to spare!

This episode includes…

  • NEW Bonus PlugIn coming “Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!!”
  • Registration for the New Bonus PlugIn webinar
  • Simple “Membership Math” and Why THEM and Not ME?
  • How to deal with Jerks

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 53

This week’s highlighted forum threads all share a little something in common…

If you were to follow the tips laid out in each, your members will be happier and more likely to stick around. As we all know, a happy member is much more likely to remain a member than an unhappy one 🙂

So can you keep those smiles on your members faces?

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Why THEM and Not ME?

“Their site is successful and mine isn’t. How come?”

Some ask this question, but never truly take a good-hard look at the real reason why this may be happening.

Usually these folks remain on the bottom rung and continue asking; “Why? Why me?” There may be some whining going on with a lot of “It’s not fair” types of statements, but with no real research or efforts to change.

If you are in this boat and you do nothing – you will stay where you are (or continue sinking) in an ocean of Membership sites.

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Simple Math Leads To More Money – Part 1

While there are certainly other ways to make money online, Membership Sites have several inherent advantages that will allow you to go further than other options while still utilizing the same level of effort and talent.

So if you aren’t satisfied with the current amount of money you’re making and could use some tips to make your membership site even MORE profitable, read on.

It’s time for some “Membership Math”.

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