Getting Ready For The Holidays!

We’re getting into the Holiday Spirit here in the WishList Products offices 🙂

As the end of the year approaches, we thought it might be a good idea to hire some additional help to handle the busy times.

But…  WHO should be hire?

Also… What exactly do we need the help with?

Could there be a little additional gift coming to you from all of us at WithList Products?

Check out the video we made for more info!

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Webinars Your Members Will Want To Watch – Part 3

People come to membership sites for content, and what better way to give your members engaging content than with webinars?

In previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2) we went over what makes a successful webinar with the focus being applied to the Technical and Mental aspects.

Today we’ll discuss what steps should be taken to properly prepare so your webinars will always run smoothly and never suffer from lack of planning.

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What I Learned From… Seth Godin and Keith Ferrazzi Last Week

I spent a day last week at a fantastic event headlined by Seth Godin, featuring Keith Ferrazzi and Sally Hogshead among others.

I even had a chance to sit down with Stu & Wray from WishList. I wrote down a lot of notes at the event, but in my head, everything kept coming back to one critical point:

The internet is growing up, and as it does so, people are going to start demanding real connection and real value from it.

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The Biggest Mistake I Have Made…

There are so many different ways to create and set up a website.

Some people jump into this process without doing any kind of research and that can really hurt their business.

Of course, there are many additional mistakes a person can make when beginning a membership site. The key is learning from those early mistakes and avoiding them the next time around.

I’m going to share the biggest mistake I ever made (regarding pricing) so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

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Why Should They Join Your Membership Site? – Part 2

Multi-million dollar companies re-invest those millions (if not more) into determining the “how” and “why” behind human behavior.

Once that reasoning can be understood, it’s easier to fill that target market’s need and make that market aware of your offerings and services.

You can meet your member’s needs (which leads to more sign-ups and improves retention rates) without having to spend those millions of dollars on research.

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