What? No Comments?

There is not much worse for the ego than if you work hard on an article and then no one leaves comments after it’s posted.

You just don’t get it.

You put your heart into that writing. You gave all you had to creating that information.

You researched. You listed. You even added a few great jokes. I mean really… who could resist that? 🙂

Well, I get it. I really get it.

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Who Should Accept My Money? – Part 2

Whether you’re trying a payment processor for the first time, or leaving a bad one behind, there are important factors you should always know before making a final decision.

Choose poorly and you can expect issues with currency type, unintentional violations (complete with unwelcome fines), and perhaps even a business that is unable to receive money at all.

Not good.

So how do you guard against the potential of payment processor headaches?

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Where Do You Need Help?

Every membership site has it’s ups and downs.

In the beginning we fight tooth and nail to get our sites setup and ready to take orders.

Then we battle to get people in the door.

Then the focus shifts to growing the membership and more importantly, KEEPING existing members happy and paying each month (retention).

There are always areas for improvement as membership sites continue to evolve and grow and depending on where you’re at, you’ll likely have different types of questions.

That’s why we want to find out where we can help YOU the most.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 63

What would you like to learn about today?

Let’s take a look at some of the gems the Forums have to offer this week…

What can you do if your videos playback speed is comparable to a turtle?

Do you learn better through text or through images?

Would you like to section off a Forum for specific Membership Levels?

These topics are just scratching the surface of what can be found inside. Click through for more info on these and other forum threads.

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Getting Ready For The Holidays!

We’re getting into the Holiday Spirit here in the WishList Products offices 🙂

As the end of the year approaches, we thought it might be a good idea to hire some additional help to handle the busy times.

But…  WHO should be hire?

Also… What exactly do we need the help with?

Could there be a little additional gift coming to you from all of us at WithList Products?

Check out the video we made for more info!

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Webinars Your Members Will Want To Watch – Part 3

People come to membership sites for content, and what better way to give your members engaging content than with webinars?

In previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2) we went over what makes a successful webinar with the focus being applied to the Technical and Mental aspects.

Today we’ll discuss what steps should be taken to properly prepare so your webinars will always run smoothly and never suffer from lack of planning.

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