Inside The Insider – Episode 78

This week has been known as “Bonus Delivery Week” around the office as Insider’s were given a New Bonus PlugIn AND the 1st chapter of the Membership Masters book.  Not too shabby 🙂

But that’s not all! Come see what else is new with co-hosts Stu and Wray!

This episode includes…

  • Be CONFIDENT in your content (and site)
  • Should you limit the number of members logging in on the same account?
  • WL Badge? Do you have your copy yet?
  • Find out what the “Prolific Veteran” has to say.

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Membership Site Masters – The Prolific Veteran

Chapter #1 – The Prolific Veteran

In this interview you’ll hear from someone we call THE PROLIFIC VETERAN.

He got that nickname because he’s been successfully running membership sites (primarily in the fitness industry) for well over 10 years. In fact, at one point he had over 48 membership sites running simultaneously!

Having made millions with his membership sites, this person is definitely a veteran when it comes to knowing what to do to build a highly successful membership site.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 58

Let’s see what’s happening in the forums this week…

Should you be limiting the number of users who can login with the same account? You might want to check out a certain forum thread before you answer.

What web browser are you using? Better question – what web browser are your MEMBERS using? You need to be sure your site appears as it should for EVERYONE.

Are your members remaining members for as long as they want? Don’t stop offering content if your members are still hungry for it.

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Let Them Help You (with Interviews) – Part 3

If you find yourself struggling to find or create content for your membership site, interviewing people within your genre is the perfect way to put a new spin content delivery.

While you are certainly a very knowledgeable authority with a deep well of information to share, any membership site (and therefore members) will benefit from additional content sources.

So what should you be doing to ensure that your members actually care about the interviews you are producing?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 77


Do we have your attention? 🙂

We’ve got some Free stuff for Insiders and WishList Member Customers this week you will definitely want to check out.

Also…  Did I hear someone say; “TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY”?

That can only mean one thing!

This episode includes…

  • How You Can Get Your FREE Gift!
  • It’s Time To Register For The New Bonus PlugIn Webinar
  • Are You Prepared To Move?
  • Wray’s Underwear?!?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 57

Do you offer a free membership level? Many do, but are you offering the BEST version of a trial membership? That’s the more important question.

Don’t worry, we cover that in this week’s Forum Focus.


What steps should you take if you want to move a membership site from one location to another? Well step #1 should be to check out the forum thread that walks through this process so you can avoid any pitfalls along the way.

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What Can Google+ Do For You?

The latest and greatest from Google has been released a short while back and its called Google+.

I really love this addition to the Google family. Have you tried it yourself yet? If not, what in the world are you waiting for?

This is another tool that can be easily used to improve your membership site and generate buzz for your site

Who doesn’t want more buzz regarding their site?

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Who Should Accept My Money? – Part 1

Selecting a payment processor is arguably one of the most important choices when setting up or maintaining your membership site.

This decision determines what payments you can take, if you’ll need a separate auto responder, if you can (or cannot) do business in certain countries, and even if you can run a membership site at all!

Are you certain your current (or potential) payment processor will do everything you want (and NEED) it to? Let’s avoid guessing and find out for sure.

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