Does Your Membership Site Add Up?

It always amazes me with how many people are good with numbers.

“Oh, who needs a calculator? I got this!”

Well, that is wonderful – for them. I am actually in the group of those wonderful people who are terrible with numbers.

So how do “the rest of us” handle the financial aspects of a Membership Site?

The last thing we want is to find out we made an error when tax time rolls around…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 65

What do you do when a member cancels, but then wants back in?
– How can you seamlessly welcome them back with open arms?

What do you do when a member downgrades but still has access to protected material?
– How can you resolve this content issue the most efficiently?

What do you do when you want different site navigation for members and non-members?
– How can you achieve this customized functionality for your site?

Let’s find out in the Forums 🙂

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Don’t Lie To Your Members

No one likes being tricked into anything.

A catchy title simply isn’t enough to please your members. You need to be delivering substance along with the flash.

Click-throughs to your content are worthless if the members abandon the article after being fooled by the headline.

Your content needs to deliver what the titles promise.

While it’s true that the “sizzle” sells the steak, if the meat doesn’t taste good, your members won’t come back for seconds.

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3-Module Membership Site Basics Course

We LOVE giving back to our Customers and we thought we’d treat all our Insiders to a few Christmas gifts.

Our final Christmas Gift (#4) will be a “3-Module Membership Site Basics” course.

We always get asked, “can you show us how YOU would setup a new membership site?”

So what we’re going to do in this 3-module training is show you how to get started building your first membership site.

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Be THEIR Guest!

You can quickly grow your Membership Site while guest blogging on other membership sites.

Guest blogging is simply doing what you’re already doing on your own membership site (offering useful content), but doing it for someone else (which will also benefit you).

Make sense? 🙂

When properly done, guest blogging will increase traffic to your site (and member signups), establish you as an industry authority, and create new relationships with other people in related (and non-related) niches.

So how can you start making guest appearances?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 64

Do you know everything there is to know about the following?

The various forum options (and their pros and cons)?

What’s the correct amount of new content to release each month?

How do you deal with video “issues”?

If you’re like me, then it’s a good idea to brush up on these (and other) topics. And what better place than in the Forums where all the Insiders are posting all their experiences and tips?

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