WishList Insider – Forum Focus 69

The forums keep getting more and more active!

Each week I check out the threads and am amazed at just how much awesome content is being traded back and forth between Insiders.

As usual, I’ve spotlighted three conversations that we think people shouldn’t miss.

Click through to learn more about what to do when….

  • A Member’s Payment Is Rejected (How Do You Handle Informing The Member?)
  • A Custom 404 Error Page (How Can You Create One On Your Site?)
  • The Important Text Within ShortCodes (Are You Using The Correct Text?)

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Wishie Award Voting is Now OPEN!

The submissions have been collected and the finalists have been determined for the 2nd Annual “Wishie” Awards.

We want to know who YOU want to win 🙂

We ask that everyone please make their selection for each of the 5 categories.

  • Best Design
  • Best Marketing Strategy
  • Most Unusual Membership Site
  • Best Overall Membership Site
  • Most Valuable Insider Member

Voting closes on Wednesday February 1st, 2012 at 11:59pm PST

Click through to find out how to vote.

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My Worst Interview Ever

A “bad” interview is pretty obvious right away.

You can often tell pretty early on if the person asking the questions hasn’t done much research or if the interviewee is uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

Extended silences and awkward pauses make everyone involved (including your members) uncomfortable. This leads to members being uninterested and leaving.

This leads me to my own experience in a certain interview…

So what can you learn from the worst interview I’ve ever had? Plenty!

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Be THEIR Guest – Part 2

Guest blogging is basically providing quality content for others to use on their site.

You already provide incredible content for your own membership site. Now if you do it for others, then you can get increased traffic that’ll convert into more members (and revenue)!

But do you know how to correctly promote yourself in order to make your stint as a guest blogger effective?

You will be getting increased visibility, so you need to be sure you’re ready for it.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 88

Winter has arrived in the Canadian WishList Offices (and with it, a big load of snow!)

This means Wray and Stu couldn’t meet up to shoot iTi this week.  Or could they… 😉

You won’t want to miss all the awesome-ness from the last 7 days (Q & A Sessions, Making It “Stick”, Planning Your Year, “a la cart” Memberships and MORE!)

Come see what the chilly co-hosts have in store…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 68

Let’s take a look at what we are going to cover this time around in our weekly look within the Forums…

How about a way to make your eBooks “pop” (and “standout”)?

Does your “Membership Menu” offer any a la carte options?

Should you be sending emails to your members?

How did you answer the questions above? Find out how others are responding now in the Insider Forums.

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Membership Site Basics Course – Session 4 – Q & A

You had questions and we had answers!

The initial 3 part Membership Site Basics Course was so successful that we decided to add a 4th session in order to address any questions that came up during the previous sessions.

Everyone brought their “A Game” in terms of quality questions and we include some interesting examples as we responded live during the course of this 2 hour webinar.

We even include the Mindmap used during the course for download!

A lot of ground was covered when it comes to setting up a Membership Site so we encourage everyone to click through and check out Session 4 – Q & A.

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Make It Stick… Again

A while back I wrote a piece called “The First Engagement” which can be found here.

This was all about getting our members over the first speed bump.

The first speed bump is the buyer’s remorse we all have a tendency to feel after making a purchase or joining something like a membership site. We talked about ways to make the member “stick” and how the first engagement plays such a crucial role in doing so.

I called it the modern-day version of the stick letter.

When we’ve got our members over that first hurdle, there’s another one coming in the near future.

Now we’ve got to add another element to our retention process to make the buyer stick again.

Open up the following PDF and listen to the audio as I walk you through one simple email example to help members get over the second speed bump. (This engagement might be even more important than the first… and I’ll show you why)

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Inside The Insider – Episode 87

The name of the game has been “Training” this week within WishList Insider!

There has been so much teaching going on that we it feels like we’re all back in school (except there isn’t any “recess”) 😉

Join us as we make highlight everything from the past 7 days including…

– A record number of new member sign-ups

– Video Lessons from Stu and Tracy

– An upcoming Q and A session you will want to be a part of

It’s be a busy week and we want to share it with all the Insiders.

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