Inside The Insider – Episode 91


Since this is the last iTi episode before Valentine’s Day, co-hosts Faye and Wray decided to have a gift exchange as “WishList Valentines”

Well, one of the co-hosts did…

Who knows, you might get some gift giving ideas for that special someone in your life!

ALSO: We released a NEW Bonus PlugIn this past week and it’s sure to be a “favorites” 🙂

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 71

We’re looking into some important considerations that should be made when you think about hiring some freelancers as well as look at TWO forum threads focusing on the WP Wall plugin (it’s VERY popular).

Are you visiting the Forums regularly? Each day more and more helpful tips are passed back and forth.

You’re only a couple of clicks away from a collection of some of the smartest and most helpful (and welcoming) individuals around. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers 🙂

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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Just the other day I was feeding my dog.

Most of the time she is pretty good at swallowing all the bites she takes. In fact, it seems like one gulp and all the food is gone! She seems to inhale it. There is no effort in tasting or enjoying the food.

Her goal is always to take the biggest bites as possible and to swallow those bites as fast as possible. There is not much thinking involved.

So what can we learn from a “canine consumer” such as this?

What parallels can be draw between this behavior and us as membership site owners?

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If You Confuse Them, They Will Cancel

Many support tickets I see are due to members doing the “wrong” thing.

Had the member “understood my site”, the membership site owner wouldn’t need tech support. However, it’s unfair to blame the member, as they obviously didn’t understand what to do.

Today, I’ll share simple tips and tricks on how to direct your members so they’ll never get lost while navigating your site.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 70

Wow, we’re up to the 70th Forum Focus ever! I’m not sure what the traditional gift is for a 70th anniversary…

Let’s just go with more links to awesome forum threads! That’s always a nice gift 🙂

Click through to learn more about…

  • Goal Tracking and how it can excite members
  • Opt In Boxes… How much is enough (or too much)?
  • Did you know you can include Terms of Service on your Registrations?

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How Can a Comic Book Nerd Improve Your Membership Site? Part 2 – What’s FCBD?

One of my favourite holidays is fast approaching. This special day is celebrated on the first Friday in May each year.

This is the one day when anyone can walk into a comic shop and grab some comics. For Free!

That’s right, it’s nearly time for FCDB!


Now you may be thinking; “I have NO interest in comics and even less interest in reading what Wray has to say about them…”

But, what you might be interested in is how you can benefit from some of the FCBD marketing ideas and retention strategies this yearly event utilizes with great success.

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Why Ignoring BackLinks Will Cost You – Part 1

Backlinks (also called Inbound and Inward links), as the name suggests, are links that lead back to your site.

Before the arrival of reliable search engines, backlinks were the primary source of navigation to other websites.

Although their original function has lessened, you can certainly still use backlinks to increase your SEO as well as increase visitors to your membership site.

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