Inside The Insider – Episode 93

After a quick rest (yes, ANOTHER rest) Faye is back in the co-host chair.

So sit down, put your feet up and check out the latest edition of iTi as we take a look back at the last 7 days within the Insider.

We’ve got lots of great info including how Harry Potter and the colour Red can help your site 🙂

We even left in a little “musical interlude” before the theme music this week. See if you can spot it!

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The Unstoppable Power of Red

When you roll up to a traffic light and it’s red, what do you do?

Hopefully you apply the brakes and come to a safe stop. Then when the light turns green, you know that you are free to move forward again.

We all know the rules of the road and that red means “stop” and green means “go” but it’s interesting to point out that red can be used to get similar results within your membership site.

The power of learned behavior (along with the power of perception) are very powerful tools every membership site owner should be aware of.

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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew – Part 2

Do you remember that recent article about my dog taking such a big bite she almost choked?

Okay …. Well, the point was actually more about taking on too much as a new membership site owner than it was about trying to calm down my over-excited (and very hungry) dog.

Maybe you are exclaiming; “Oh no! I have already bit off more than I can chew! Now what?”

Are you are one of the overly excited new membership site owners? Did you try to do everything at once?

We’re going to look into how you can deal with those big bites that you’ve already taken.

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How Can “Pottermore” Mean More Members?

Who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter?

With the first edition being released in 1997, the Harry Potter brand has gone from a low print run book to an international phenomenon. Last year, J.K. Rowling built upon her brand ever more by releasing information and “teases” on Pottermore (an “online experience”).

The promotion and marketing techniques used have been touted as near perfect examples of how to promote a brand and create excitement with a few simple steps.

Simple steps you too can use to promote your own online experience/membership site with great success.

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Why Ignoring BackLinks Will Cost You – Part 2

Last time, we dove into backlinks (inbound and inward links that link back to your website) and how they work.


Do you know exactly WHERE you should be posting these backlinks?

While we explain methods and tactics you will want to use when creating and correctly placing these tools, what should you also be avoiding?

Often times, the “do not’s” can be just as important as the “do’s”

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