Why Should You Care About QR Codes?

If you’ve ever seen one of those squares with a random assortment of smaller squares, then you’ve probably seen a QR Code.

Similar to bar codes on packages, these coded squares allow you to transfer information which triggers an action.

If you want someone to visit your website, download a file, or even make a phone call, you can do it all with QR Codes.

The BIG question is; “What advantages and disadvantages are there with QR Codes and your Membership Site?”

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How To Overcome Member Roadblocks – Part 2

Customer objections are nothing new to membership site owners.

If you’re lucky, customers will give you a list of reasons why they won’t buy from you, or give you a chance to convince them. Unfortunately, most will tally the objections in their head and then simply leave.

This does you no good as you cannot address those issues (which lead to a potential member not signing up).

To prevent this, check out how you can overcome common customer objections and turn that “No, Thanks” into a “Sounds good! Where do I sign up?”.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 94

Faye: “It’s Bonus PlugIn Ti–”

Wray: “It’s Bonus PlugIn Time Again!”

Faye: “Yes, I was just about to say–”

Wray: “I’ll bet you were just about to say that, Faye!”

Faye: “…”

Don’t let anyone cut YOU off, it’s time to check out the latest edition of iTi where co-hosts Faye and Wray highlight all the WishList News from the past week.

See if Faye is able to finish a sentence without Wray talking over her 😉

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 74

We’ve combed through the forums again this week and hand-picked 3 threads we think Insiders will enjoy!

We’ve got conversations for those who may just be starting out (How do you fill up a new site with members?) and threads for site owners who may have been at it for a while (SEO Tips).

It’s safe to say we have a little something for everyone within the Insider forums 🙂

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Stop Hoping Your Members Forget

Have you ever heard a Membership Site owner say something like…

“I don’t want to email my members because that will remind them that they are paying for access to my site”.

Wait… What?

Is it a good idea to cross your fingers and hope that members will simply forget they signed up (and continue paying those member fees)?

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Would You Do That For $5?

What if I were to tell you there’s a one-stop spot out there where you could get some cool gadgets, some administrative work done or maybe a new logo created for your site? AND that it would only cost you a few bucks?

Well, guess what… I know of a place where you can exactly that. And more!

You can find most of everything you could think of for your membership site for an amazingly LOW price!

Grab a five dollar bill and click through to get all the details…

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How To Overcome Member Roadblocks – Part 1

As any membership site owner knows, simply having a potential customer visit your site doesn’t result in automatic sales.

Sure, most arrive because they’re interested in the subject matter but a qualified lead isn’t a guaranteed purchase. Just look at your leads verses your new signups for proof of that.

So what are the most common customer objections and concerns when it comes to making a purchase? How can you overcome these roadblocks and get more sign-ups?

Let’s find out…

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