Do You Fear Change?

Do you get anxious when you find out there will be a change in your life?

Does your forehead bead up with sweat? Does your heart rate increase?

Even though this is likely not a desired reaction, it’s actually normal to feel this way.

Some people are quite well equipped to handle whatever comes their way with an almost “magical” calmness. While others experience the opposite extreme and go into “panic mode”.

So what the best way to handle change?

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Fish For Leads And Reel In Profits – Part 1

Every membership site owner wants more members. More members equal more profits.

There are many different ways to increase your revenue… You can increase conversions, run your business more efficiently, or offer additional membership levels.

That’s all fine (and effective), but why not try using existing techniques to sell to a larger number of people? If you’re pulling in solid conversions right now, widening your offers to MORE people is all you need for MORE profit.

Now you just need to know where to find them.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 82

As always, there are MANY questions being addressed within the Insider forums at any given time.

Each week questions are asked and answered by the extremely knowledgeable and skilled Insiders so why not lend your voice to the mix?

Here is just a sampling of what can be heard within the forums:

  • “A browser broke my site!”
  • “Yes, but which trial option should I choose?”
  • “How much is TOO much?”

Jump in for more details…

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[INFOGRAPHICS] – What is Let’s Find Out Together!

I know you have seen them.


They are all over the internet right now. Are they just a faze? Maybe. But even if they are, it would be wise to learn how to make them and profit from their potential marketing capability.

So the big question is…

Do you want to learn how to create your own Infographics?

I’m guessing you do so let’s learn more together.

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Remember, Getting Started Is Tough

Getting started is the hardest thing to do.

“Thinking” about it is easy.

But actually “doing” it is hard.

Earlier this month I started taking a new course.

As someone who has taught MANY live and online courses, it’s been a wonderful experience to be a “student” again.

It’s given me a different perspective and I’ve rediscovered one VERY important lesson for all of us who teach online…

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How Can “Scrivener” Help With Content Creation? Part 2

Any master-crafter benefits from quality tools.

Painters create awe inspiring art with an assortment of brushes, a carpenter builds the house of their dreams with sturdy tools, and membership site owners can create profitable communities with a program designed to not only create content, but organize it as well.

Have you looked into using Scrivener since Part 1 of this series?

Let’s look into some additional ways you can use this tool to it fullest.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 101


Special Bonuses!


This week had it ALL within the Insider and we want to make sure you got each and every piece of “awesome-ness” we offered.

We discuss the following in this episode:

  • The 20+ Page Membership Blueprint (Grab This!)
  • The All Access Call #2 Webinar
  • A Tool To Help You Create Content
  • Tips For Google Analytics Keywords
  • A Fun and Special Bonus

Yup, it was a VERY full 7 days. Check it all out here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 81

There are SO many tools available that can be used to help improve your membership site. We hear about the “next greatest thing” and instantly seek it out.

But, what do you do once you have it?

Do you even know how to use it?

We’re looking into a few of these types of scenarios in this week’s Forum Focus.

Learn how to get the most out of those various membership tools here…

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Get On Track With The Membership Blueprint

You’re going to want this 🙂

You can now access this more than 20 page document which includes all the steps you need to take in order to set up a thriving and successful membership site.

This was only available to members of a recent training we held but it has now been decided to make it available to YOU!

That’s right, all WishList Insiders can now get their very own copy of the Membership Blueprint.

Click through to get yours now…

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