UNBlock Creator’s Block – Part 1

People join your membership site for the solutions to their problems. Your members believe that you’ll deliver those solutions through the content you provide.

The content that offers these solutions needs to be continuous.

Without new content, there’s little reason to stick around…

“I already got what I needed so there’s nothing new for me.”

To fight that mindset, it’s very important that you’re constantly creating.

But what do you do when you simply CAN’T create?

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Do Your Members Really Know You?

Within the electronic world we now find ourselves living in, we can have this false assumption that the people we meet online are our friends and that we really know them.

This can go both ways… How many out there believe they know us?

How often do your members try to interact with you? Do they even know your name?

With membership sites, retention can be greatly improved by creating relationships. Are you doing what needs to be done to ensure your members know you?

Are you unapproachable?

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Promotion Through Non-Related Topics – Lessons from Mr. Sulu

Any membership site owner wants the ability to reach out and contact more people.

More people contacted equals more chances to gain paying members. While many individuals do successfully create a following with related content, a few enterprising people are actually using non-related content to build lists for future promotions.

For example, George Takei (best known as Sulu on Star Trek) has taken Facebook (and other social media) by storm with a few simple tricks to create a following which he uses for other endeavors.

Interested in lessons on how to promote on social media from the man with over 1.5 million followers? If your answer is; “Oh myyyyyyy, yes”, read on…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 91

Let’s pull back the curtain a bit to see what’s been happening inside the forums this week.

We’ve got discussions on the following…

  • A Balancing Act (Interaction vs. Production)
  • Recognition on Steroids (Pump It Up!)
  • WordPress Security (Let’s See Those Passes)

Each thread poses some questions that we would love to get your opinions on.

Get in on the conversations here…

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Why Are You Making Your Members Wait?

Now I may be dating myself a bit here, but I can remember when the simple act of waiting was not considered such a bad thing.

Waiting for something helped develop patience. Do you remember the old saying; “Patience is a virtue”?

Now while I believe that statement to be true, more and more of the “Instant Gratification Generation” does not believe this. They want what they want and will not settle for less. But is this right or wrong?

Are you making your members wait when they want it now?

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Member Showcase: Rachel Young

WishList Member is used by a wide variety of our members and for a vast array of different Membership Sites.

We have decided to spotlight a number of these members and their sites here in the Member Showcase section. It is encouraged that you visit the sites we focus on for inspiration towards ideas you can apply to your own site.

There are likely many individuals out there using WishList Member in ways you have never imagined.

This installment features Rachel Young and the site WomenCreatingWealthOnline.com

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Learn From Learned Behaviour – Part 2

Using known customer behavior to sell products and locate buyers is nothing new.

Amazon does it, presidential campaigns do it, and the US Post office includes discount moving coupons with change of address forms.

The ice cream man knows that sweaty customers want something cold and refreshing to beat the heat during summer.

It just makes sense.

Last time, we went over how to find (and sell to) potential customers by analyzing their behavior. This time around, we’re looking into the ethics of using customer behavior and will dig into determining what that behavior actually means.

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