WishList Insider – Forum Focus 103

The theme of the featured Forum Threads this time around can be summed up in one word…


Each conversation includes assistance being offered to those who need it. If you have any questions regarding the following topics, we encourage you check out the links and help yourself to some fresh knowledge.

  • Creation of Profile Images
  • Constructive Feeback
  • Useful Example Code

Get in on the action within the forums.

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Can Membership Sites Change The World?

A little while ago I was interviewed about membership sites and during the interview I was sharing all kinds of insights regarding what makes a successful membership site (even featuring some of our fellow Insiders!).

But it was the last question that forced me to pause for a moment.

“How have you seen membership sites change the world?”


I needed to take a moment and think on that but after I gave my response, I realized, yeh you know what, membership sites are changing the world and I’m damn proud of it!

Here’s the full interview…

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WishList Insider All Access Call Session 07 Webinar Replay

Did you miss it?

We held a live webinar yesterday where we answered YOUR questions!

This session includes awesome questions from various Insiders on multiple subjects related to creating and maintaining a successful Membership Site. We have now posted the replay of this webinar so that anyone who missed it can get in on the action (and anyone who wants to check it out again can do so).

Continue on to watch the webinar now…

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What Was Your β€œSpark”?

Spark. Initial Thought. Flash. Inspiration. Pondering.

No matter what you call it, something made you want to begin this journey of entrepreneurship.

Why did you want to start a Membership Site?

There are always forks in the road at different points in our lives and the end of our journey will depend on the paths chosen.

Will you go to the left or will you go to the right? What will be the reason for choosing which direction you’ll go?

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Get Your Questions Answered During The WishList Insider All Access Call #7

Do you have questions?

Well, we have answers πŸ™‚

We are conducting another interactive webinar on Tuesday September 18th at 3pm EDT and encourage you to submit any questions you have for us.

This is the perfect time to direct any questions you may have to the WishList Team about your membership site

Get all the details (including the Registration Link) here…

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What I Learned From… Not Being Able To Move For Two Weeks!

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems that everything that COULD go wrong, actually DID go wrong?

This happened to me and I learned a lot from it. Unfortunately, the lesson learned came a bit late for me.

Trust me – you do not want to wait until it’s too late. I never really gave this much thought and definitely didn’t expect this type of thing would occur so I never even considered taking precautions for it.

Then one day… Wham!!!

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Common Membership Site Mistakes – Part 1

Many people emulate leaders in their field when attempting to create a successful membership site.

β€œIt worked for them, so why not me too?”

That’s fine, but knowing what NOT to do is just as important (if not more so).

People are less likely to react negatively to a β€œB+” level site verses another site whose mistakes earn it an β€œF” grade.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed the following common membership site mistakes which you can now avoid.

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