Your Membership Site Needs a Movie Trailer

It works for Hollywood, so why not take a page out of their book with your membership site?

The lights go dim. The curtains open. Then the previews begin.

Movie trailers condense all the “good bits” into a two and a half minute serving of anticipation and excitement. And guess what?

It works.  We get excited for what’s to come!

It can work for your site too.

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Sometimes I Have Trouble Talking To People

What if you’re not a “People Person”.

How can you run a community if you don’t like talking to people?

You may be the most friendly and approachable person around, but everyone can have “one of those days” that rolls around when you’re just not feeling up to it.

What do you do then?

These are pretty important questions and might seem like substantial roadblocks for a membership site. But they actually don’t have to be.

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Save Your Members From Comment Spam – Part 1

If you have an unprotected WordPress or Wishlist Member site up for more than a few days, it won’t take long before comments start to appear claiming the wonders of weight loss berries, offering penny stocks, or pitching get-rich schemes from princes in far off locations.

You’ve just been introduced to Comment Spam – a method spammers use to build up their page rank and get more people to visit their site (and leave your site).

If the thought of paying good money to host advertisements for OTHER people (especially spammers) doesn’t sound appealing to you, then keep reading as we discuss how the “BIG 3” can help stop this assault on your members.

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What Can We Learn From Lego?

I’m still a bit of a kid at heart. Shocking, right?

This became even more evident over the last 6 months or so when I got into a new hobby (and when I say “got into” what I mean to say is; “became obsessed with”) 🙂

Collecting and interacting with other Lego enthusiasts has become an enjoyable pass-time for me and while the little plastic building toys are certainly fun on their own, it was the community surrounding them that really hooked me.

So what exactly caused me to spend my evenings and weekends visiting related blogs and digging around for anything I could find on the subject of Lego?

Let’s just say the Lego team knows how to cultivate community around their tried and tested product.

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PlugIn Spotlight: Site Background Slider

Are you new to marketing a business and searching for clever ideas so that you’ll be noticed?

Even if you are a veteran marketer, fresh ideas can inject new life into existing products sites, so why not try something different?

Maybe you have a line of products that would sparkle like diamonds if they could just be seen.

So, would you like a fantastic way to display these gems?

Well there is a cool WordPress plugin I have found that will do just that.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 125

What happens when you move into a new place and don’t have your office set up yet?

Well, if you are like the host of Inside The Insider this week and have a stack of boxes, it means it’s time to get creative 🙂

Check out all the Insider news of the week from the “Box Office”:

  • What is DCX?
  • Download Your PlugIn Today
  • Speeding Up Your Site
  • What’s The Best Kind of Surprise?

Watch the episode here…

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