Make Your Members Feel Valued – Part 2

Members you show appreciation to stick around.

They feel valued because they can sense the good will you’re putting forward. When that happens, membership fees continue to pour in and members are more likely to purchase additional products from you in the future.

In our previous article, we went over ways to show members they matter through simple manners and communication. In Part 2, we are now discussing loyalty programs that reward your members for activity and contributions that enhance your site.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 119

I’ve learned an interesting fact within the Insider Forums.

Well, I’ve learned a LOT of facts within the conversations but the specific one I’m referring to now is that Insiders like to help each other. Everyone is always ready with a helpful suggestions or tip and we thank you all for it 🙂

So, here’s what you can get help with in this week’s Forum Focus:

  • What Should Be Delegated?
  • What’s In Your Membership Tool Belt?
  • Why Aren’t Your aWeber Emails Being Sent?

Get in on the action here…

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Make Your Members Feel Valued – Part 1

No successful membership site can exist without members.

To ensure members stick around, you must make them feel valued. All things being equal (or even skewed toward your competition), people buy from those they like, so it actually pays (financially) to be nice.

It sounds like a pretty straight forward formula, but you might be surprised by what can often be overlooked.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 138

Happy New Year!

The first week of 2013 has arrived and it has brought a few questions along for Insiders.

Please ask yourself the following:

  • Have You Registered For The Next Bonus PlugIn Webinar?
  • How Are You Creating Tutorials?
  • Where Are Your Membership FAQs?
  • How Are You Measuring Member Activity?
  • Is “Decem-Beard” Really Over?

Get all the answers in the latest episode of Inside The Insider…

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Why So Shy?

A bunch of people believe that shy people just do not have the courage to get anything worthwhile done.

Okay, it may not be quite that bad, but there are many misconceptions about being shy or introverted.

Are you shy? Do you feel that you could never make a membership site work because of your shyness? Guess what? That’s really not the case.

We’re going to look at how to get over that mental roadblock.

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How Can You Create Tutorials?

Membership sites are in the business of providing solutions to problems.

An ideal way of providing those solutions is through tutorials (easy to follow instructions for your members).

You’ve most likely used tutorials yourself in the past, but have you ever considered what goes into the creation of these effective learning tools? How can you produce these “mini-lessons” for your own members?

Tutorials are a quick way for your members to learn what they came to you for.

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Where Can I Find Your Membership FAQs?

Many different businesses and membership sites have a page dedicated to their client’s questions and concerns. This is a good idea to keep everyone informed.

Not including a list of Frequently Asked Questions can be detrimental to a site.

What would happen if you came across a product or service that you were interested in and their website did not have this vital information?

What would you think?

I know what I would think… “Why bother.”

Can you afford to lose potential members over something that can be added so quickly and easily?

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