Good vs. Bad Membership Content

As you all know (well, I hope you do and if not, you are about to find out) content marketing is a very, very good thing.

The Problem?

The more that content marketing is viewed as valuable, it seems that even more bad content is actually being published.

The Remedy?

Do not publish bad content! Period!

No matter what format you provide (written, video, audio, etc.) put in the effort needed to produce something your audience actually wants and something they will remember.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 148

We’ve got all the Insider news from this week compacted into the latest edition of iTi.

There was plenty of action so let’s jump right in!

Here is a quick sample of what is included this time around…

  • An Audio Lesson on Membership Pricing
  • Do You Have Cadillac Problems?
  • 5 Audiences You Should Know
  • Protect Your Video!
  • Plus More!

Click through to watch the episode for all the details 🙂

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Get Your Questions Answered During The WishList Insider All Access Call #13

Do you have questions?

Well, we have answers 🙂

We are conducting another interactive webinar on Tuesday March 19th at 3pm EDT and encourage you to submit any questions you have for us.

This is the perfect time to direct any questions you may have to the WishList Team about your membership site

Get all the details (including the Registration Link) here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 128

We’ve taken a sampling of the forum activity and presented it in a convenient serving size.

So take a taste of the following…

  • Do You Use Google Goals?
  • Make Your Videos Your Own
  • A WishList Member Powered Magazine

Join the conversations here…


Click on any title to be directed to the Forum Post

Tracking Google Goals In Google Analytics

It’s probably safe to say that the majority of Insiders have worked with, or at least heard of, Google Analytics.

This very popular tracking tool is installed on a lot of WishList Member powered sites. It can help you know exactly what members are gravitating towards.

But, have you ever thought about working with the “Goals” feature that is presented to Google Analytics users?

This forum discussion touches upon this option and a few others (ex. “Raven” tool) so take a look if you’re interested in additional ways to learn more about your member activity.


Protecting Video Content On Your Site

Here is a good example of an older thread getting a “jump-start” with some new comments.

The result is a solid conversation between Insiders on ways to prevent your video content from being taken and passed around for free.

It also gets into what you can do to help yourself even if your protected videos do get seen by non-members. This can even result in additional member sign ups in some cases.

Find out how to make your protected video content your own with no confusion from those who view it.


Using WishList Member For An Online Magazine

Here is an interesting idea…

Why not use WishList Member for an online magazine?

This thread is from a little while back, but I thought it was a cool concept and wanted to share it with everyone to see what other ideas you all may have.

The tools are all there to produce and deliver monthly content to all subscribers (members). All that needs to then be considered is how to style the site to look like a magazine format.

Jump into this conversation to add your own thoughts.

5 Audiences Within Your Membership Site

You already know that creating a seamless and simple experience for your members is an essential part of a success membership site.

Yet, there are 5 main audience types you need to consider.

How do you manage all five of these user types without needing to create hundreds of pages (or posts) and driving yourself crazy?

Find out how WishList Insider Don Osborne does this on his site within this article.

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[Audio Lesson] How To Price Your Membership

Your content has been created and your site is setup and ready to go.

You’re about to release it to the world but one thing begins to start eating away at you…

How much should you charge?

There is a fine line between charging too much and not getting enough people in versus charging too little and not maximizing your revenue.

How do you find that sweet spot?

That’s what’s discussed in this audio lesson.

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Does Your Membership Site Have “Cadillac Problems”?

Okay – your membership site is all set up.

You even have a Facebook page with the coolest name EVER! You “tweet-tweet” all day long. All your content is perfect and your company logo is to die for!

Oh yes… Your sales are pouring in! After all, you ROCK! Day after day, your business is growing. Growing and expanding so much that you may in fact be forgetting a few things here and there…

What might those things be?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 147

Co-hosts Stu and Wray have a case of the “giggles” during this episode as they deliver all the Insider News from the past 7 days 🙂

There was a lot happening this week so we invite you to settle in and catch up with the latest episode of iTi.

So what exactly are the guys talking about today?

  • Bonus, Bonus, Bonus PlugIn Time!
  • A NEW Audio Lesson
  • Launch Tips From The Forum
  • Plus More!

Check it all out here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 127

It’s Weekly Forum Focus time!

We know keeping up with all the various conversations within the forums can be tough, so we wanted to shine the spotlight on a few we thought Insiders would enjoy.

The featured threads are…

  • Site Launch Tips
  • “Pinning” A Post
  • Changing A Username

Join the conversations here…


Click on any title to be directed to the Forum Post

Any Tips For Launching A New Membership Site?

Launching a membership site can mean a lot of questions need answering along the way.

How much do I charge?

Should I include a forum?

Are affiliates a good idea?

This is just the tip of the discussion Iceberg 🙂

This forum thread is “recommended reading” for everyone who is working towards the launch of a site. The conversation between Insiders is packed full of helpful advice and will make you think through the process of running a membership site.

That being said, there are some solid tips included that will also benefit those who have already launched.

Get in on the action here.


Can An Old Post Be Forced As “Front Page” Post?

Have you ever created a post and wanted it to remain on your Home Page even after posting NEW content?

Typically, when you post a new piece of content, the previous article gets bumped down a spot.

But there are times when an announcement or some important information needs to be “pinned” to the front of your membership site.

What’s the best way to make this happen?

This forum thread involved two Insiders discussing that very subject.

Find out how you can accomplish this with a few quick and easy steps.


Can I Change A Member’s USERNAME?

WordPress doesn’t allow for a username to be changed once it has been created.

This means your members have to stick with the same username they select for the duration of their membership.

But, what about those times when a member wants or needs to change the username they have chosen? This happens from time to time and it’s good to know what your options are.

We recommend checking out some possible solutions in this forum thread as there are some “if this happens, then this must happen…” scenarios to deal with.

Why Would You Offer A Trial Membership? Part 2

One identifiable trait typically used by successful membership sites are the use of multiple methods to convince people to become paying members.

Trial memberships are one of these method.

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed different types of trial periods and how to avoid running into trouble along the way.

We’re going to continue down that same path as we get even deeper into the benefits of letting members test what you have to offer.

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