WishList Core Essentials Course Webinar Replays

We recently held the two in depth WishList Core Essentials Course sessions and the replays are now available!

These two webinars pick up where the introduction session left off and you can now view the entire series.

These sessions include the introduction to the course and the full lessons taught by Stu so we encourage all Insiders to check them out.

We have now posted the full replays of the webinars so that anyone who missed them can get in on the action (and anyone who wants to view them again can do so).

Continue on to watch the webinars now…

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Membership Site Myths – Part 1

As with many businesses, owning a membership site can come with its own set of myths, half-truths, and sometimes, even outright lies.

All these misconceptions are harmful as they can lead to people building membership sites for the wrong reasons.

Or worse, those people may never start down the correct path at all because of “something they heard”, thus missing out on the potential revenue and/or a sense of community a membership provides.

Whether you’re a seasoned membership site owner, someone thinking about starting their own site or find yourself somewhere in between, there are common Membership Site Myths you need to know.

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Promote Like A Pop Star – Part 1

The cameras! The Paparazzi everywhere I go!

A constant barrage of questions, flash bulbs, and of others all wanting my attention. Every minute of every day.

Oh, wait… That’s not me, but it could be! Yes it most certainly could.

Why are you laughing? 🙂

Alright, I will admit that the above scenario might be a bit “out there”, but I always say, “If you’re going to dream, dream BIG!”

That being said, we might not all BE pop stars, but we can definitely act like them. But how would this benefit our members?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 157

There is a very special guest who joins co-hosts Stu and Wray on this latest episode of Inside the Insider!

Who drops by to deliver all the news from the past week?  Here’s a few hints… He has never been on iTi before but he’s been a Big part of WishList Member since the very beginning.

Check out what is discussed in this episode:

  • The Core Essentials Course Has Begun!
  • How 5 Seconds Can Improve Engagement, Retention and Conversions
  • Structuring Online Courses
  • Are You A Consumer?

Click through to watch the episode for all the details.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 137

As always, there are many topics being addressed within the Insider Forum at any given time.

Each week, questions are asked and answered by the extremely knowledgeable and skilled Insiders. So why not lend your voice to the mix?

Here is just a sampling of what’s been discussed lately:

  • You Have The Content, But What’s Your Structure?
  • Remove The “Continue Reading” Option
  • What Was Your First Computer?

Keep reading for all the details…

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Improved Engagement, Retention & Conversion In 5 Seconds With 15 Characters

What I’m about to tell you will absolutely blow your frickin’ mind!

It will be more amazing than a meteor shower, and make your heart warmer than any photo you might find on Reddit.com/r/aww

If, after you finish reading this article you disagree, just write your comments below and tell me what you think works better.

But first, you gotta find out what this is all about.
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WishList Core Essentials Session 01 Webinar Replay

We held a live webinar to kick off the WishList Core Essentials Course being taught by Stu.

This session includes the introduction to the course so we encourage all Insiders to check it out!

We have now posted the replay of this webinar so that anyone who missed it can get in on the action (and anyone who wants to check it out again can do so).

We also included a link to register for the upcoming sessions for anyone who hasn’t signed up yet. Now is your chance 🙂

Continue on to watch the webinar now…

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Building Your Community: Tips From Top Bloggers – Part 2

A thriving community within your membership site results in a strong recurring income. Members sign up because of your content, but they stay because of community.

Thanks to what I learned from Linda Bernstein, Britt Michaelian, Amy Vernon, and Jessica Northey during this year’s New Media Expo, I can share some tips to help increase the size of your membership site, and enjoy the additional recurring payments.

Not to mention the other benefits that accompany a thriving community based site.

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Do Membership Site Owners Have A Consumer Mentality?

You may be asking what I mean by that title.

Alright, first let’s look at what the word “consumer” really means.

Biology-Online defines the word consumer as; “An organism that generally obtains food by feeding on other organisms or organic matter due to lack of the ability to manufacture own food from inorganic sources.”

Okay, so the point being…?

Do we have a consumer mentality when it comes to our membership sites?

Do we “feed” off our members?

Or are we the ones who actually feed our members with valuable resources and information?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 156

It was time to celebrate this week!

May 2013 marks the 3rd Anniversary of WishList Insider so we wanted to share some awesome gifts with the Insiders 🙂

All of this (and more) is covered in the latest episode of iTi…

  • Happy 3rd Anniversary WishList Insider!
  • It’s Time To Take Your Pick
  • The Core Essentials Course Registration Is Open
  • Kick Start Your Content
  • Plus More!

Click through to watch the episode for all the details.

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