Let’s Go Viral

We as consumers want more.

Yet as consumers we do not go shopping every day. We do not constantly search websites for the very best content. We need help to find what we want.

Now we as online business owners need to be willing to share with people. I mean all people. You are going to do yourself a disservice if you limit your sharing to only a select few.

We must make it possible (and easy) for others to get involved in our sharing and marketing projects.

Here’s how we do it…

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What Can We Learn From Netflix? – Part 1

One of the surest ways to increase your membership site’s chance for success is to emulate the good business practices of already successful businesses.

Find what worked for them and apply similar concepts to your own membership site while adding your own unique touches.

We’re going to look into one of the most famous membership sites operating right now. Netflix.

What can you learn from this successful multinational video rental/streaming business? How can you apply what you learn to your membership site?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 158

The WishList Insider Forum is an excellent place to visit when looking for answers. There are always many conversations going on and we encourage you to join in!

This time around we look into answering the following questions…

  • Where Should You Store Large Files?
  • Is This Included On Your Non-Member Page?
  • Should You Provide One-On-One Coaching?

Keep reading for all the details.

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A Lesson On Memberships From An Unlikely Source

Much like a membership site, food delivery services offer unique value to members.

It can be in the form of common content repackaged with an uncommon additional value. This is what usually entices members to join a community.

Today I’ll share some various “rights and wrongs” I’ve experienced with the grocery delivery company I use. We will look into how you can apply this knowledge to your membership site in order to enhance the user experience and avoid any mistakes along the way.

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Are You Running Your Membership Like A “Short Sale”?

Have you ever tried to buy a home?

Here in the United States there is a specific type of housing sale called a “Short Sale”.

The seller in these cases is usually in a very difficult financial situation. They may have been trying to sell their property for some time and have had no luck for a variety of reasons.

A Short Sale can help sell a home more quickly, but there is a potential down side to this as well.

Should you try to apply the Short Sale method to your membership site?

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Elements of a Successful Sales Page – Part 2

Convincing visitors to become members is key to the success of any membership site.

Without members, all you have is an awesome product that nobody uses.

The effectiveness of various sales elements may differ between membership sites (and even audiences). So how can you know what will and will not work on your own sales page?

What does your sales page need in order to convert more visitors into members?

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How Would You Like To Learn Basic Coding? – The Free and Easy Way

How does “Free” and “Easy” sound? Pretty good, right?

Yep, I thought so.

Most things are better when they are free and easy. This perspective is especially true when applied to coding web sites. A free and easy way to learn how to code is very appealing to those of us who aren’t as technically inclined as our Way Cool developers here at WishList Products.

Just imagine being able to customize your membership site by yourself!

I “stumbled” across an absolutely fantastic resource that can help make that happen. I was so excited with it and couldn’t wait to share it with the Insider family.

You can share it with your members too. Maybe even your kiddos 🙂

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