Become A Better Content Producer – Part 1

If you’re like most membership site owners, a good portion of your “job” involves content creation.

While you are most likely an expert within your membership field, it’s not uncommon to have stage fright when it comes to presenting your ideas. You know what you want to convey, but have trouble getting it out there.

But that’s okay because the hard part is already done.

Now we’ll simply go over ways to take what you already know and apply some polish. This will create a gleaming example of what you can produce to enhance your member’s experiences.

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Create Email Messages For Members Based On Existing Content

Are You Running Out Of Auto-responder Messages? Guess What?

A while back, I wrote an article about needing to create more content for your membership and how combing through older auto-responder messages could help.

Do you remember that one? Have you read it yet? If you are running low on ideas for membership content, I highly suggest it 🙂

BUT… what if you find yourself without any ideas for auto-responder messages?

The content within an auto-responder email is quite different from articles on your membership site.

Or is it?…

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Brand Yourself AND Your Membership Site – Part 2

The power of branding can be harnessed and used to obtain success.

Companies and individuals who spend time working on their brand quickly see the benefits.

If someone is an established and well known dog expert then they will have a much easier time convincing others to buy their dog obedience membership (as opposed to someone who is new on the scene).

So how can you become a well known expert and attract more members?

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Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Registration Form – Part 2

Thanks to the many customization options available, membership site owners possess the ability to create almost any online forms they need.

This makes it very tempting to want to gather all kinds of information from members and site visitors from a single form.

The sheer amount of options available when creating forms can sometimes confuse or overwhelm even the most experienced membership site owner. Problems can arise when there is that much choice.

In Part 1 of this series we started our list of questions to ask yourself when creating sign-up forms. In this final installment we’ll touch upon some additional methods to attract more members and visitors (instead of unintentionally driving them away).

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Are You Using Your Voice To Help Others?

If you have kids, then you may have watched the animated movie “Robots”. Or maybe you’ve seen it if your name is “Wray” as he watches a lot of animated movies 🙂

If you haven’t seen it then you should consider renting it. It’s kind of cute.

Well, in the movie there is a character who has the following motto…

“Find a Need. Fill a Need”

A lot of us began our businesses or membership sites because we genuinely wanted to help others. We learned to use our voice in the process of helping others, but sometimes life can try to put a damper on this.

Keep reading to learn how you can help your members more.

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Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Registration Form – Part 1

How are you collecting user/member information?

You might be using an online form to allow registration to a membership level or simply to capture contact details. There are very important things to consider when building these forms in order to gather everything you need.

Many forms allow for customization in order to provide you with the vital information required to run your membership site. But is there such a thing as asking for too much?

What questions do you need to ask yourself in order to create a effective signup/registration form?

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