3 Effective Marketing Tips – Part 3

In the first two parts of this series, we covered “Foundation & Functionality Of The Product” and “Attracting The Right Traffic”.

So what does the conclusion of this Marketing Strategy Series have in store?

The final piece of the puzzle is the need to build a real honest-to-goodness relationship with anyone reading your marketing material (and visiting your site).

This is a huge key to building an over-the-top successful membership site. When you build a relationship-based foundation with your readers and members they are more likely to become (and remain) members.

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Ideas to Increase Conversions – Part 1

It’s not always the quality of your service or products that will determine how successful you are.

Of course, top quality offerings do help and junk products (and membership sites) won’t last long. But the path to success really depends on how well you can convince people that your membership site can help them.

With so many other options available to your potential members, how can you stand out?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 199

Co-Hosts Stu and Wray were reunited this week and decided to record the new episode of Inside The Insider outside.

…in winter.

…and in Canada.

…with no hats or gloves.

It is safe to say they were pretty chilly while delivering all the Insider News 🙂

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The March 2014 Insider Bonus
  • What Do Your Members Want?
  • “Quick Hits” In The Insider Forum
  • Plus More

Get all the details here…

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3 Effective Marketing Tips – Part 2

Previously in this series we talked about the “Foundation & Functionality Of The Product”.

It’s very important to take a close look at the actual product or service you offer. You need to ask yourself; does my product or service deliver the goods?

Does your site provide the correct (and easy) path for visitors?

The answer to those questions will determine how long visitors will remain on your site. We want those who find our site to transition from a visitor, to a reader, to a member. This will take more than just a few seconds and this was covered in Part One of this series.

This time, we’re focusing on how to ATTRACT potential members.

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What Do Your Members Want? – Part 2

Most membership site owners aren’t concerned that their level of expertise isn’t high enough and are very comfortable solving their member’s problems. They have all the raw skill and confidence that is required.

But, they aren’t sure how to offer more reasons for potential members to join beyond saying; “I can fix it!”.

In a previous article, we touched upon common ways membership site owners resolve the problems of their members.

Today, we’ll apply the focus to lesser known methods so you’ll have something to offer everyone.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 198

February is nearly over which means that March is quickly approaching.

A new month means it is nearly Insider Bonus time!  Get more details and find out what else is new in this latest edition of Inside The Insider.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • NEW Bonus PlugIn Is Right Around The Corner
  • An Effective Marketing Tip
  • A Content Delivery Conversation
  • Plus More!

Get all the details here…

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What Do Your Members Want? – Part 1

Most membership sites are in the business of solving people’s problems.

These people sign up and become members because they believe your site has the solution.

Whether that solution they are looking for is learning how to do something, how to find something, or even the simple need to chat with someone, all the answers are found through your membership site.

But the question is HOW do most membership sites offer these solutions?

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3 Effective Marketing Tips – Part 1

We all want to spread the word about our fantastic membership site.

Right? Right! Of course we do. So we advertise. We market.

We build those awesome relationships online that will remain loyal through and through.

Then we just wait… Right? No! Of course not.

Not continuing to move forward can quickly lead to many problems. So how can you be sure that your membership site keeps grabbing attention?

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