Inside The Insider – Episode 207

The iTi co-hosts are back as they come together to deliver all the Insider news from the past week.

Join Stu and Wray as they break down everything Insiders need to know.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • An Update On The May 2014 Insider BONUS (Sign Up For The Launch Webinar)
  • Tips On How To Create Content More Quickly
  • Offering A Membership With A Physical Product
  • Plus More!

Get all the details here…

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Cultivate Your Community

During the beginning of this spring season, I was worried we would be burdened with rain, rain, and more rain (as we were last year). We completely missed spring and most of summer!

Thankfully, this is turning out to be quite a lovely spring and I am getting excited about going outside each day to work with the soil.

This also got me thinking about how membership sites need to be cultivated in order to grow as well.

So come on, let’s dig in and get our hands dirty πŸ™‚

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Even More Ways To Create Content Faster

Content is the lifeblood of most membership sites.

Most members will find your community because they have heard about the content you provide. Your content will solve their issues and members will pay to experience what you have to offer.

This means it is extremely important to use a system in order for you to create content faster. Creating content as quickly as possible will benefit you and your members.

But do not forget that you must also provide quality.

So how can you create valuable membership content and how can you do it faster?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 206

The month of May has arrived and it has brought some Insiders News (including info on the next Insider BONUS)!

All the news and notes from the past week have been collected and presented in an easy to digest episode of Inside The Insider.

So sit back and relax as it is time to get caught up on all things Insider πŸ™‚

Topics discussed in this edition:

  • Sign Up For The May 2014 Insider BONUS (A New PlugIn)
  • How eBooks Can Benefit You and Your Members
  • Member And Non-Member Menus
  • Keep Your Members Interested With More Suggestions
  • Plus More!

Get all the details here…

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From E-Book To Opt-In – Part 2

Thanks to the popularity of e-book readers, it is now easier than ever to become a published author. You can offer your writing to customers who browse Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other e-book storefronts.

Not only are these customers potential buyers of your e-book, but they could also become the newest additions to your membership site.

In Part 1 of this series, we went over how to ensure your e-book is visible in the marketplace, can be easily found, and is enticing to readers.

We’re going to continue our look into e-books and how they can increase your opt-in rate.

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4 Steps To Set Up A Course Within WishList Member

How long has your WishList Member site been live?

Whether it is a brand new community or it has been active for some time now, you always have the opportunity to start a new course.

Yep, no matter which style of membership you already have up and running, you can still add a training course at any time.

Creating and setting up a new course may seem a bit daunting, but this can actually be a pretty easy process.

Let’s take a closer look…

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From E-Book To Opt-In – Part 1

Thanks to the growing popularity of devices like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, other competing physical e-book readers, smart phones and tablets, people are reading more e-books than ever before.

The traditional process of transferring an idea to the printed medium is no longer the only option for publishing.

There is now a very real option available to simply write a book and upload the finished product.

Within a few days, or possibly even less, you can have an e-book available to sell online as well as additional tools that can help to promote your membership site.

So how can your e-book increase your opt-ins?

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