6 Keys To Writing Effective Membership Articles

Have you ever read an article that just seems to go on and on?

Did you also find it difficult to retain all the information that was presented within the seemingly endless post?

Or maybe you have experienced the other end of the spectrum.

An article that was so short and ended so quickly, you were left wondering what the intended point actually was.

These are the types of articles that you feel the need to go over a few times in order to understand what the writer is trying to say.

Keep reading as we spotlight 6 keys that will help you produce useful and easy to understand content for your members.

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Transitioning From A Free To A Paid Membership

I love the forum in WishList Insider.

The questions are so good and our members are very interesting. A question similar to the title of this article was recently submitted within the forum (it really is a great question).

How can you transition from a free membership site to one that requires payment for access.

There is no doubt that after providing your members with a free membership that the switch to a paid site could result in some potential resistance or conflict.

Although, if done the right way, this can be a more smooth and less painful transition for everyone.

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What Is The Best Way To Add Members? – Part 2

Adding new members to a community is a very common and necessary task when running a membership site.

Whether they register themselves, or if you create their account for them, you need to make sure each and every member is valid and created as quickly as possible.

You want to be efficient and prevent fraud.

Members should be added quickly and safely.

So how can you ensure this is the case when members join your site?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 214

This week’s episode of iTi includes a quick cameo from a special guest during the show opening and a dual case of “Marble Mouth” shared by the co-hosts.

We invite you to catch up on all the Insider news with us 🙂

Here is a quick sample of what is included…

  • Membership Creation: The Basics
  • Leading With A Higher Price?
  • Methods To Add Members
  • Plus More

Click through to watch the episode for all the details.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 195

We want to highlight three forum threads that could make things easier when creating and maintaining your membership site.

The following conversations are in the “spotlight” this time around…

  • Can You Charge A Higher Price For The First Month?
  • What Are The Best Options For Recording And Editing Video?
  • Can You Reverse The Post Order?

Find out what Insiders are talking about…

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What Is The Best Way To Add Members? – Part 1

Many site owners will ask for advice regarding the best way to add members to various Levels within WishList Member. This is a question that comes up within our support department relatively often.

But is there a “best” option?

This depends on the the situation of the person who is asking. They may be having issues with the time required to add a large number of members or trouble preventing potential fraud.

One solution may be great for them, but not so great for someone else.

With that being said, we are going to cover the different ways that you can import/add members to a WishList Member powered site. This will allow you to select the best option for your community.

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Creating A Monthly Membership Site: The Basics

Maybe you already have a monthly membership site up and running.

If you do, then you are ahead of the game. Seriously, there are many people who are not taking advantage of what a membership site can offer them. So good job on creating a community!

But if you have not yet launched your own membership site, now is the time. There are amazing benefits awaiting you and your potential members.

The creation of a site may seem like a difficult process, but it does not have to be. The basic site creation can be done quickly when you understand the process.

So how should you get started?

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Writing “Short Stories” For Your Members – Part 2

The purpose of a short story is to entertain with the use of fewer words.

Likewise, a condensed membership lesson seeks to accomplish its job of teaching or solving a problem in a shorter period of time.

We looked into what can be learned from short story writers in regards to producing more concise content in our previous article.

Keep reading as we see how the experiences from authors can be applied to your membership site.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 213

It’s Friday!

That means the week is quickly coming to an end so it is “wrap up” time.

There was a lot of action within the Insider so we want to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Topics highlighted in this episode of iTi:

  • You Had Questions And We Had Answers
  • What Do Short Stories And Membership Content Have In Common?
  • Do You Have A Refund Policy In Place?

Click through to watch Inside The Insider for all the details.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 194

Let’s take a quick look at the Insider Forums and see where the action is.

Here is what has Insiders talking…

  • Do You Really Need A Refund Policy?
  • Can Your Videos Include Chapter Breaks?
  • Say It With Pictures

Keep reading for all the details on these topics.


Suggestion For A “Refund Policy” And Refund Practice

An individual purchases access to a monthly recurring membership but then proceeds to download everything and ask for a refund after only a couple of weeks.

This possible scenario is a common source of stress for many membership site owners.

Do you share this concern?

A posted refund policy may help to prevent members from consuming content and then asking for their money back. But you may also see positive results by not getting too hung up on a refund policy.

Check out this forum conversation as the concept of not being so concerned regarding refund requests is discussed.


Video Software Or PlugIn

Providing videos to members is a popular method for content delivery.

A member can sit back and relax as they consume the lessons that are being provided.

When it comes to the various video player options available, there are many to choose from. But this forum thread brings up some different factors that may affect the decision making process when it comes to selecting the video player that is best for your community.

The idea of including chapters within the video playback and DVD/Blu-ray player controls was brought forward.

Are there video players available that include these options?

Find out more within this forum conversation.


Mind Maps

Are you using Mind Maps?

Conveying ideas to members in a visual manner can help to ensure that information is more easily understood and retained.

Mind Maps allow for content that can sometimes be viewed as “boring” or “uninteresting” to be presented in a way that is much more visually pleasing and even entertaining.

It is typically much easier to recall learned information when there are memorable visuals associated with it.

This conversation within the forum suggests a couple of different Mind Map options that can be used to create visual learning tools.

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