More WordPress PlugIns You Can Use – Part 1

Every WishList Member powered site is different and therefore has its own unique needs.

Over the years, we have received requests from membership site owners about a specific topic. They are looking for suggested plugins that can perform functions that are outside the scope of WishList Member.

I have seen a number of plugins that appear to be beneficial to members and the site owner.

Let us share some WordPress plugins with you that may improve the user experience on your site or even provide a solution to a long standing problem within your membership site.

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Is Fiverr A Valuable Resource? – Part 2

There is more to a membership site than just protecting content and enticing members to join.

A membership site owner typically needs to wear many hats and know how to perform a variety of functions.

Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of work that can be completed by one person each day. This forces some site owners to make a choice on how they spend their valuable time. The end results can be a number of half-finished tasks and a worn out site owner.

There is help available. Some are turning to freelancer sites like to assist with all the little things that go into the building and maintaining of a membership site.

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eBooks And Your Membership Site

This is a great question that was posted by one of our fellow Insiders…

Do you write eBooks?

Digital books are an effective way to provide your members with the valuable content they are looking for.

Have you ever considered this profitable content delivery method?

If you answered yes, then definitely keep reading. But even if you answered no, we encourage you to continue with this article.

You just may find that an eBook fits the needs of yourself and your members.

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Is Fiverr A Valuable Resource? – Part 1

Running your own membership site can require a large amount of time.

This is especially true for those who handle the logistical day-to-day duties that come with managing a community while also needing to create quality content.

Since there are only a set number of hours in the day, this limits how much time you can devote to any tasks or activities. The time you do have gets divided amongst the various points on your “To Do” list.

If you are finding that you just don’t have enough time to run your site to your liking or just want more time to be able to relax (or both), consider delegating some of your tasks for the low cost of only five dollars.

Keep reading for more info.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 209

The breeze is blowing and the birds are chirping in this Spring time edition of Insider the Insider.

We apologize for the sounds of Spring that can be heard throughout this episode (those birds are loud!). There was even the sound of a jack hammer in the distance 🙂

But that didn’t stop us from delivering all the Insider News!

Get caught up as the following topics are discussed in this episode of iTi:

  • Watch The Latest All Access Call Now
  • A Book Recommendation
  • Digging Into Pop Ups
  • Plus More

Get all the details here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 190

Each time we venture into the Insider Forums, we always end up leaving with more knowledge than we went in with.

It’s pretty easy to pick up a few tips or tricks along the way.

For example, the forum is just waiting to offer assistance on the following topics:

  • More Questions About Site Pop-ups
  • Are You Branding Your Content?
  • A Look Into Site Speed

Get all the details here…

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WishList Insider All Access Call Session 27 Webinar Replay

Did you miss it?

We held a live webinar yesterday where we answered YOUR questions!

This session includes awesome questions from various Insiders on multiple subjects related to creating and maintaining a successful Membership Site. We have now posted the replay of this webinar so that anyone who missed it can get in on the action (and anyone who wants to check it out again can do so).

Continue on to watch the webinar now…

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Books: Start and Run a Real Home-Based Business

We are going to look into a book named Start and Run a Real Home-Based Business by Dan Furman.

It has been a few years since the first time I made my way though this book and I’m still very impressed with the writing and information the second time around.

In general, I’m a big fan of business books. Although I tend to shy away from the “believe in yourself and the universe will give you want you want without hard work” style of writing.

Also, dry and boring books full of corporate speak and flow charts aren’t for me. I like my books to be a bit more down to earth and practical. That’s why this book was and still is for me.

The following are a few reasons I think the book will be for you as well.

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