Do You Need Membership Content Ideas? – Part 2

One of the main reasons to join a membership site is to access the exclusive content being provided.

This is why membership site owners are always thinking about new content they can offer their members. There is a constant need to be producing quality content on a very regular basis.

So what should they create?

We looked into different methods that could be used to come up with content ideas in the previous article in this series.

This article will cover even more ideas that will help you produce content for your community.

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When Is The Best Time To Deliver New Member Content?

There were a couple of excellent questions brought up during one of our WishList Insider All Access Calls.

“What are the best days to deliver standard content in order to give our members a sense of consistency?”


“…should we avoid overlapping a bonus release with our regular content?”

Both questions are worth thinking about.

Lets look into an effective method to analyze which days may be best to publish content. Plus we will also address the delivery of bonus content.

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Do You Need Membership Content Ideas? – Part 1

Members want to continue learning.

This desire for knowledge from the community provides incentive to the membership site owner to always be creating new content.

These creations (member content) keep existing members around and entice others to join. So it is easy to see the importance of providing content that members find valuable.

How do you come up with ideas for your membership content?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 216

Another week has come and gone which means it is now time to find out what happened “Inside The Insider”!

There was plenty of action centering around the release of the new Insider Bonus.

The bonus is not a plugin and it is not a mini workshop. So…  what is it?

Find out more in this episode as we focus on…

  • The July 2014 Insider Bonus
  • Do You See Yourself As A Teacher?
  • How Do You Like To Get Content?

Click through for all the details.

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Insider Bonus Service: WL Links

Do you want your links to do more?

Effective links are an important part of any membership site. But what if you could be given more control over those links?

We have created a new service called WL Links.

This service allows you to login to a Links management system and create your own track-able links.

The WL Links service gives you the ability to customize your links in various ways. This customization will allow you to create an even better user experience for the members of your community.

We think you will be very pleased with the features and functionality that have been built into the WL Links service.

Click through for more details…

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Do You See Yourself As A Teacher? – Part 1

Membership sites are in the problem solving business.

So how can you solve the problems of your members?

In most cases, this involves teaching a community of members how to reach their goals. Once a goal is achieved, the problems are usually lessened or resolved entirely.

Running a membership site means that you will find yourself occupying the role of a teacher.

What are the most effective teaching methods to use within your community?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 215

It is now time to recap the past week within the Insider and to look forward to what is coming soon!

We have a brand new type of Insider bonus on its way and we touch on some of its details in this episode.

Here is a quick sample of what is included in this edition of iTi:

  • Keys To Writing Membership Content
  • What Is The Largest Membership You Are Aware Of?
  • When Is The New Insider Bonus Available?

Click through to watch the episode for all the details.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 196

You are invited!

Join in on the conversations happening right now within the Insider Forums.

A sample of the topics being covered:

  • How Many Members Will It Handle?
  • How Are You Sending Email?
  • Which Forum Is Right For You?

Get all the details here…


What Is The Largest Membership You’ve Heard Of?

How big is a “big” site?

Many membership sites strive to attract as many people as possible. The goal is to continuously add new members to a thriving community.

But can your current server handle such a large number of members?

When should you start planning for an increase in members (and server load)?

This forum conversation addresses these questions and looks into how you can prepare you own site for more members.


Mail With WPEngine And Others

How are you sending emails?

Do you need email forwarding or different email aliases?

These are common questions for membership site owners. The ability to send emails to your community is very important. If your members are not getting updates, they may forget to visit your site.

Keeping in constant contact with your members is an effective way to strengthen the bond between membership site owner and community.

Join this conversation to learn more about the ins and outs of email.


IP.Board and WishList Member?

Do you offer a forum to your members?

If so, which forum option do you use?

There are a number of different forum solutions available so the choice can seem difficult when it comes time to pick.

This thread focuses on one forum option and we encourage Insiders to join the conversation and offer any other suggestions they may have.

6 Keys To Writing Effective Membership Articles

Have you ever read an article that just seems to go on and on?

Did you also find it difficult to retain all the information that was presented within the seemingly endless post?

Or maybe you have experienced the other end of the spectrum.

An article that was so short and ended so quickly, you were left wondering what the intended point actually was.

These are the types of articles that you feel the need to go over a few times in order to understand what the writer is trying to say.

Keep reading as we spotlight 6 keys that will help you produce useful and easy to understand content for your members.

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