WishList Insider – Forum Focus 202

Have you heard?

There are always informative conversations going on within the Insider Forum and we want to make sure you are not missing out.

Check out this quick selection of highlights:

  • When Should You Ask For The Sale?
  • Encouraging Your Community To Interact
  • Scheduling One On One Time With Members

Jump into these forum threads using the links provided after the “Read Full Story…” link.

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August 2014 Insider Bonus – 7 Promotions That Sell More Memberships – Mini Workshop

Did you join us?

We held a live Mini Workshop for the August 2014 Insider Bonus.

7 Promotions That Sell More Memberships

We recorded the workshop and it is available now!

Please enjoy this new and exclusive WishList Insider Mini Workshop.

Be sure to check out this post to learn how to access the Mini Workshop now…

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My Registrations Are Messed Up! What Happened? – Part 1

Allowing interested users to quickly and easily register for a membership is one of the most important features included in WishList Member.

The payment integration/registration process should be smooth sailing for all your members.

But what happens if it is not?

Potential members experiencing problems while trying to join your community is not the most ideal first impression.

We are going to look into some common registration issues and what you can do if sign ups are not going exactly as planned.

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Insider Bonus: 7 Promotions That Sell More Memberships – Mini Workshop – Tuesday August 12th

We have another very special Bonus for Insiders this month!

The August 2014 Insider Bonus will be a new Mini Workshop that we recommend all Insiders take part in.

We invite you to join us as we present the latest Mini Workshop to the Insider community.

7 Promotions That Sell More Memberships

Please sign up for the webinar scheduled to take place on Tuesday August 12th, 2014 at 3pm ET.

Keep reading to fill out the registration form.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 201

Have you visited the Insider Forum this week?

There are a number of thoughts and interesting ideas that are being shared within the community. We have three questions we are applying the focus to this time around.

  • How Are You Ordering Your Posts?
  • Integrating With Stripe: Is SSL Required?
  • How Can You Find The Root Of The Issue?

Get in on the conversations here…


Posts Plugin

This “Quick Hit” forum thread touches on the topic of organizing posts within a membership site.

How are you organizing your own posts?

Do you publish and present posts in the default order set by WordPress? Or have you adjusted the order in which your members view posts?

A plugin that allows the option to work with the post order is suggested in this conversation and we ask you to share any ideas or solutions you may have to organize membership content.

Please check out this thread and add your voice to the mix.


Switching From ClickBank To Stripe

Stripe is one of the newer integration options that can be used with WishList Member.

This means that some people are switching to this payment solution for their membership sites. This also leads to some questions about setting up the integration.

This particular forum thread is focusing on the topic of SSL and if that is required when using Stripe to handle payments.

If you are using Stripe (or are considering using this payment method) we encourage you to check out this conversation and add your thoughts.


How To Change The Order Of Posts

It can sometimes be difficult to find the source of a problem.

You know that something is wrong and it is affecting other aspects of your site.

So how can you determine the root of the issue?

Often times, an issue may be tied to a theme or plugin conflict. With so many themes and plugins available for use with WordPress sites, there can be instances where that new theme or plugin that was recently added may not be playing well with others.

This forum thread includes some tips on how to narrow down the potential list of conflicting themes or plugins.

We encourage you to check it out and share any of your own trouble shooting techniques.

Building Legitimate Hype And Buzz – Part 2

Building up hype and a buzz for upcoming products can lead to increased member sign ups.

Curiosity is felt even when the specifics of the upcoming release are not fully known. A potential member is more willing to hear what you have to offer if they are genuinely interested.

So how can you generate that interest and create a sense of excitement?

We discussed the creation of hype and buzz in Part 1 of this series and how they can be a benefit to your membership site.

Keep reading to learn more about these tools.

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Software Spotlight: Piktochart

By now you probably know that I love to write about cool new plugins, apps, sites, and software that I find.

Well, guess what? That’s right! I found another one.

So at this point, I hope that you have at least heard about this cool marketing tool…

The Infographic.

I’m a big fan of Infographics and find them not only entertaining and informative but if done well, they can capture the interest of those who view them.

Does that sound like something you can use to generate interest in your Membership site?

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Building Legitimate Hype And Buzz – Part 1

Compare two similar products.

They perform relatively the same function and are aimed at one market.

Which one will be more successful?

More often than not, the product with the greater amount of “hype” or “buzz” will find its way into the hands of the most customers.

The power of hype can be so compelling that an inferior quality product may outsell its superior competition.

Your membership site may provide your community with an amazing user experience, but it can still benefit from increased consumer interest.

How are you building hype and a buzz around your membership site?

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