WishList Insider Is Now Closed

WishList Insider is now closed. For details on the closure and frequently asked questions, see below:

We have also pasted text responses to some questions about the closing of WishList Insider below.


When will it be closing?

– The WishList Insider site will remain open for the rest of the year (2019) and will be officially closed on Tuesday January 7, 2020.

Will I still be charged for my membership to WishList Insider?

– Any WishList Insider subscription payments have already been stopped.

No payments have or will be processed in December. So, no additional action needs to be taken to cancel any payments as this has already been handled.

Does this affect the future development of WishList Member?

– The development of WishList Member will definitely continue. We are going to be more focused on the future development of new and exciting features and projects related to WishList Member. The WishList Member plugin will be our main focus and remain our flagship product.

Does this affect my Updates and Support Plan to WishList Member?

– No, the closing of the WishList Insider site does not affect WishList Member or any of our other products. The closing is strictly related to the WishList Insider online site – https://insider.wishlistproducts.com

Will you ever open a new WishList Insider site?

– This has not been totally decided yet. But, we are looking into what the future of a new potential WishList Insider might look like as we work on a number of upcoming projects.

Will I still have access to the content archives from the WishList Insider site?

– The WishList Insider site will be closed so the content will not be accessible after January 7, 2020.  We are looking into possible ways we might re-purpose the content from WishList Insider in the future.


We want to truly thank all the Insiders for being members of our online community. We really appreciate the community within the Insider site and look forward to what’s to come.

We are planning to dedicate our primary resources to our new focus and we’ll be sharing more on that in the near future.


The WishList Products Team

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