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Inside The Insider – Episode 357

We are going to talk about the recent things we talked about.

That’s right.  This episode of iTi takes a look back at the recent All Access Call when we we answered your questions.  We got into a lot of interesting topics.

We also look into a solution to a specific Registration URL problem.

Catch up on everything with Insider The Insider.

You can watch it right here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 338

This is likely one of the last things you want to happen with your membership site.

A technical issue preventing a potential member from joining.

If someone makes the decision to sign up, you don’t want anything to stand in their way. The number of successful registrations can drop significantly if there are any problems with the sign up process.

This featured forum thread brings up a situation with a registration link redirecting to the site home page instead of the intended sign up form.

Why would that be happening and how can it be prevented?

That is a very good question.

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Reminder: All Access Call Webinar Session 61 – TODAY at 2:00pm ET!

Sign Up Now!

We are conducting a webinar TODAY (Tuesday March 21st at 2:00pm ET) to answer YOUR questions.

This WishList Insider exclusive webinar is being held to interact with Insiders and engage in conversation. Please feel free to submit any questions before hand and we will address as many as we can during the webinar.

We will also be taking live questions during this session.

“See” you there.

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Get Your Questions Answered During The WishList Insider All Access Call #61

Do you have questions?

Well, we have answers!

We are conducting another interactive webinar on Tuesday March 21st at 2pm ET and encourage you to register for the session and to submit any questions you have for us.

This is the perfect time to direct any questions you may have to the WishList Team about your membership site.

Get all the details (including the Registration Link) here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 337

Can an ID number be assigned to each member?

These numbers could be useful for a variety of reasons and that is especially true for a specific Insider in this edition of Forum Focus.

He is looking for a way to implement a digital member card system and a unique identifier for each member is needed.

So the question remains… are member ID numbers a possibility?

We called in the development team for the “assist” on this one and they delivered.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 336

Security is a high ranking topic on the priority list for most membership sites.

Protecting specific content and only providing access to select members is typically the main goal of these online communities.

But in this case, the security being discussed in this forum thread refers to the actual web site itself and is not limited to the pages and posts.

An Insider was met with a security alert on their site and is asking for some advice on possible next steps.

Do you run any security plugins on your site? Have you dealt with a similar issue yourself?

Please keep reading to join the conversation.

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