Inside The Insider – Episode 226

What’s new?

That is an excellent question.

We just happen to have a brand new episode of Inside The Insider to deliver all the news from the past week.

Topics discussed include…

  • Why Do Members Leave?
  • The Next All Access Call Is Almost Here
  • Members Helping Members
  • Plus More!

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Get Your Questions Answered During The WishList Insider All Access Call #31

Do you have questions?

Well, we have answers :)

We are conducting another interactive webinar on Tuesday September 23rd at 3pm ET and encourage you to submit any questions you have for us.

This is the perfect time to direct any questions you may have to the WishList Team about your membership site

Get all the details (including the Registration Link) here…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 207

We have selected a sampling of the Insider forum activity and presented it in a convenient serving size.

You are invited to try a taste of the following…

  • Is There A “Perfect” Theme?
  • What Happens When The “Next Big Thing” Hits?
  • An Example Of A Member Helping Another Member

Join the conversations here…

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How To: Tip Of The Week Membership

So, you want to set up a “Tip of The Day” or maybe even a “Tip of The Week” membership.

That really is a great idea.

Everyone likes useful hints so I have some tips of my own that will help to get you started on the right track.

There are a lot of different ways you can go about creating this type of membership.

Please keep reading as we share them with you.

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Why Do Members Leave? – Part 1

Membership sites need members.

It is a pretty simple fact.

This means that many membership site owners spend a great deal of time and other resources working to entice potential members to sign up.

Unfortunately, that same enthusiasm is not always applied toward retaining existing members… until it is too late.

So what are some common reasons why members leave?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 225

The iTi co-hosts are back with a new episode to get you caught up with all the Insider news!

Stu and Wray take a look back at the past week and have a little fun along the way :)

Topics discussed include…

  • The Release Of The September 2014 Insider Bonus
  • What Is Missing From Your Membership Site?
  • Should You Offer Downloads?
  • Plus More!

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 206

What’s going on within the Insider Forum?

There’s a new batch of clever thoughts and interesting ideas that has the community talking.

Highlights include:

  • Is It A Good Or Bad Idea?
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Video Playback Speed

Get in on the conversations here…

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September 2014 Insider Bonus – Case Study: James Wedmore

Did you join us?

We held a live webinar to introduce the September 2014 Insider Bonus.

Case Study: James Wedmore

We recorded the webinar and it is available now!

You can also access the in depth Case Study interview conducted by Stu McLaren as well as the accompanying Case Study documentation.

There is a LOT of awesome info to check out,

This Case Study is available now to members of the Insider community. Keep reading to access the Case Study (and everything that comes with it).

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What Is Missing In Your Membership Site?

I have seen some commonalities with successful and unsuccessful sites during my time spent assisting with the examination of WishList Member powered communities.

The sites that experienced more success typically shared certain attributes while the unsuccessful sites lacked those key pieces of the puzzle.

We are going to look into those pieces of the puzzle to find out why they are so important.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 224

It’s Friday!

That means it is time to look back at the past week with Inside the Insider co-hosts Stu and Wray.

This latest episode of iTi is packed with WishList Insider goodness!

Topics discussed include…

  • Are You Choosing The Correct Ingredients?
  • A Look At The Insider Forum
  • The Upcoming September 2014 Insider Bonus

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